Francis Leavy's Dimensional Rift

Francis Leavy's Dimensional Rift

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Francis Leavy was pretty much the ideal example of an upstanding citizen.  He lived during the 1920s and was a dedicated firefighter.  He love his job and took it very seriously.  He was ardent about helping others and everyone in the neighborhood loved him for it.  One fateful day, Francis' colleagues became aware of a change in his demeanor.  He was not found with his usual smile.  He was found cleaning a large window at the Chicago Fire Department, grumbling to himself the whole way through.  He wasn't looking or talking to anyone. 

This went on for most of the morning, until Leavy turned and suddenly announced that he had a very strange feeling.  His feeling was that he was going to die later that day.  It was at that precise moment the phone rang and broke the heavy atmosphere that had over taken the station.  A fire had broken out in a building pretty far from the firehouse and they were to leave immediately. 

It didnt' take long for Francis and his coworkers to get to the scene and begin rescuing people.  It seemed like it was going to be a normal fire fight, just like most others.  Then, at the last moment flames engulfed the bottom of the building and the roof gave in, crushing Francis and a few others.  The days to follow were filled solemnity and reverence for the fallen heroes life.  The strangest part was that on the same window that Frances had been cleaning when he predicted was a hand print.  The hand print was perfect match to Francis' hand! 

The workers washed the hand print from the window, but the next day it returned.  This happened several times until the firefighters gave up and determined that it was simply Francis' way of letting the know he was there with them in spirit.  Eventually, there were other attempts to rid the firehouse of the hand print and its somber memory; however, the hand print stayed many years, despite the many chemicals that were used to try to get rid of the hand print.  In fact, it wasn't until a paper boy threw a newspaper and hit the window in 1944 that it shattered into tiny bits and the hand print was gone. 

Little known to many in the community, a few shards of glass from where Francis' hand print appeared were kept in a small lock box inside the firehouse.  Then, it was eventually lost in time to this person or that person.  More recently we found the lock box at an estate sale in Ohio.  How it got there we have no idea.  What I can tell you is that the glass still holds the presence of Francis Leavy and his hand print.  His hand print was a supernatural anomaly.  Thus, the powers of this glass create a dimensional rift.  The powers from this box were syphoned into a collection of pieces.  With these pieces you will be able to summon any spirit that you want, just as Francis demanded his presence at the fire hall.  This is a stubborn power and will pull through whatever spirit you are summoning, no questions asked.  You can use this piece to contact deceased loved ones or the spirits of the ancient for special truths, knowledge and their abundance of magic