Secret Teachings of Omm Sety

Secret Teachings of Omm Sety

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Sometimes things even pass us by.  We can't possibly know all that there is to know at all points in time, can we?  Well, we try to do the best that we can.  Sometimes we fall just short.  This is why we were contacted by Rachel in the first place.  Rachel was seemingly just another normal person with a paranormal experience; however, when we actually sat down to talk to her things got heavy. 

She told us of a story about a seemingly normal toddler named Dorothy Eady.  She was a beautiful toddler just like any other.  She was the light of her parents' lives.  One day, while playing at home Dorothy was running down the stairs at her home.  So bad was the fall, that the three-year old girl was pronounced dead at the scene.  Then, the unthinkable happened.   Dorothy woke up from her death.  For four more years, her parents were able to have their daughter back.  After that things began to take a turn for the bizarre. 

On an outing to the British Museum, Dorothy's parents began to notice she had a strange appreciation of Egyptian culture.  Just as soon as they reached the Egyptian exhibits of the museum, Dorothy was transfixed.  She ran around kissing the Pharaoh's feet, couldn't stop staring at the artifacts, and even sat at the foot of a Pharaoh exhibit and refused to leave with her parents. 

After this Dorothy fell into a deep depression, staring at pictures of Egypt, while telling her parents that it was her home.  A picture of the "Temple of Seti the First at Abydos," got her especially ramped up.  She was post haste to tell her family that this was her prior home.  She had seen in in dreams and visions.  Her interest in ancient Egypt skyrocketed and joined study groups to learn more about reincarnation and spirituality. 

As an adult Dorothy moved to Cairo after she married an Egyptian man.  She gave birth a baby that she would called Seti.  She, herself, would be called Omm Sety.  Her marriage didn't last very long, especially after she began drawing random hieroglyphics at night about her past like.  Her writings eventually amounted to around 70 pages.  It detailed Omm's life in ancient Egypt.  Through this trance and past life regressions she was able to figure out that she was a priestess at the Kom El Sultan Temple, having a child by Pharaoh Seti out of wedlock at the age of 14.  However, she had broker her priestess vow by losing her virginity and thus took her own life to prevent Seti from being punished for his crime.  Her writings also contained accounts of spiritual encounters that she had with Seti over the years in the form of Dorothy and she had originally had plans to reunite with Seti in the Underworld.

People took Dorothy's story for granted, saying that she was pretty much whackadoo, until she led archaeologists on an excavation effort to the exact location of the Temple Garden.  She also helped these people rediscover a tunnel on the north side of the Temple of Abydos.  There has never been a medical or scientific explanation as to Omm Sety's irrational memories, dreams, and knowledge of Egypt.  It let her most doubting critics in a state of disbelief, wondering if maybe she was telling the truth all along. 

Omm Sety died at the age of 81, after living the rest of her days at the Temple of Abydos.  However, she was most recently incarnated a young American lady, not quite ready to be reunited with Seti, just yet.  This is why Rachel had contacted us.  She was the reincarnation of Omm Sety and she wanted to share her vast network of wealth with us.  This time around Omm is about 24 years old, and goes by the name Rachel.  She lives a semi-normal life, but still adores Egyptian culture and other Egyptian-related things.  She spends a lot of time at the Met, being as though she is on the East Coast.  She met up with us and helped us to make these pieces, which channel the powers of the ancient temple Priestess from centuries ago. 

These pieces contain the secret teachings of Omm Sety.  When you wear your piece you will gain a connection to all pyramids on Earth, as well as the crystal pyramid in the sky.  You will gain all knowledge of all Egyptian powers and be able to bring them forth in your mortal lives.  This will render your physical being as a modern-age, very powerflu Egyptian sorcerer and you all already know what kind of powers these bring.  They are very strong and limitless!  You won't go wrong with one of these original items!