Sex and Sorcery, Better than Love and Marriage

Sex and Sorcery, Better than Love and Marriage

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Sex and sorcery go together better than love and marriage.  Sorry, Al and Peg Bundy, it's true.  That's why I'm offering this piece, because it is a little bit of both.  This piece was made by a master level mage in a Greek Mystery School called 21st Century Epsilon.  Why it's called this I dont' know, but the mage that made this is definitely immortal and has been around since the times of Alexander the Great. 

This piece embodies the presence of the Lampades. The are the companions of the Greek titan Goddess of witchcraft and crossroads.  They were a gift to Hecate from Zeus for her loyalty in the Titanomachy.  They bear torches to accompany Hecate on her night-time travels and hauntings.  Some people say the the light of the Lampade's torch is enough to drive a person mad.  However, this piece is very different. 

This piece has been basted in the light of the Lampades, who are nymphs of the Underworld, the consorts of Hecate.  Through this process, it has come to be inhabited by one of them, who will come to you and give you mind blowing and tantalizing sex.  I'm not talking about mortal sex, but metaphysical, spiritual sex.  When it does, it's powers will infuse into your core being.  These powers include the powers of witchcraft, which is pretty much self explanatory and of the crossroads.  The powers of the crossroads is the ability to control your own destiny, to govern where it goes and how it will play out. 

This piece is very powerful in all that it does.  This is why you should get it now, while it is on sale, because if you don't somebody else is bound to take advantage!