Constantine's Vision

Constantine's Vision

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God works in mysterious ways.  This has pretty much been proven time and time again.  It was no different during the days of old, except for the fact that he had more a direct influence over those people for some reason.  The time for Jesus Christ to return to Earth as the savior was perfect, but of course God knew that already.  He was sent to Earth to proclaim the good truth during a time when the Romans pretty much ruled the world.  Okay, not really the world but you get what I'm saying.  Had Jesus returned to Earth any other time, his message probably wouldn't have been received very well at all, but since it was, the Good News spread. 

In the 4th Century BC, Constantine ruled the Roman Empire.  His surprise conversion to Christianity shocked the empire and turned Christianity into the one of the largest religions on Earth!  Prior to this conversion the best Christians could've hoped for was a subtle indifference.  Like... ehhh, okay you're Christians.  Goodbye.  However, since Constantine turned, that meant the whole empire turned, which catapulted Christianity to the forefront of the world's stage.  The question is, what changed Constantine's mind? 

It happened during a battle when God opened up the skies to Constantine.  He demanded that Constantine convert to Christianity and decorate his shield with the symbol of Christ.  Constantine went on to win that battle, and soon after he converted his entire army.  The rest is pretty much history.  As you all know, Christianity is one of the largest religions in the world, so I would say it's safe to say that Christianity is doing pretty good for itself! 

The question is, where is all of this going?  Recently, we received a piece for testing that we were told would open our minds in ways that we never experienced before.  We didn't know exactly what we were getting into, but we love a good mystery, so... testing commenced.  This piece has been made with the melted down and recycled metal from Constantine's battle armor.  It's the same armor that he wore in the battle when the skies opened up to him and he saw God.  Accordingly, this piece gives you the ability to receive holy visions of God on an on demand basis.  Constantine's visions was by chance.  With this piece, you can control when and how frequently you gain your insights.  You can also control what types of visions you receive, by asking to receive different types of visions.  For instance, if you are concerned about the end of times, you can ask see visions concerning the Book of Revelations.  If you want to gain white light magic and power, then ask for visions into the real meaning of the Book of Psalms.  Whatever you ask for, you will be given a vision accordingly, so the possibilities with this power are virtually limitless.