Bog Body Sorcerer

Bog Body Sorcerer

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For historians, scientists, a and paranormal investigators alike, the mysteries of the Ireland bog bodies has always been an intrigue.  A bod body is a body that, for some reason or another, has been set into the bog after death.  It is believed that a combination of natural resources in the bog are what keep these bodies is relatively good mummified condition.  The very first of these bodies was found in 1780 by Irish countess Moira. 

When it was first discovered by Moira, the body had actually been pretty extensively damaged.  Pieces of the body were broken off and some of its clothing had been removed by local peasants that had discovered the body prior.  The body was collected by Moira and somewhat restored.  There is a lot that isn't known about the original body, scientifically that is.  What is known s the Moira kept a piece of clothing from the body along with a 16in piece of hair. 

In her writings about the body, Moira seemed to believe that the corpse had something to with some sort of Druidic ceremony.  Why she has come to such a conclusion has been lost, as have most of her writings.  However, when received these items, we also received a memoir from Moira that has been kept hidden since almost immediately after it was written.  It was a memoir to the bod body, which tells of some of her experiences with the body. 

According to Moira, the body would glow at night, giving off a eerie greenish haze.  She would hear sounds coming from the body, as if it were still alive and trying to communicate.  Late one night, it actually did communicate with her, telling her that he was a sorcerer from years past, and ancient Druidic priest who was sacrificed in a ritual to the gods.  In his memories she was to take his hair, a bit of his clothing and a small section of flesh, use it a ritual, and reproduce the magic that he use to practice before he willingly was sacrificed. 

The memoir also gave us instructions on how to activate these items.  Now, the items are modern items, but they have been enchanted with the magic of the bog body sorcerer, the same may Moira used his magic in the days of old.  With these items you gain a complete introspective of Druidic magic, whereby your mind will be elevated.  You will be given the secrets to the ancient Irish sorcery, which is really a sampling of some of the oldest magic that has been on the face of the Earth.  With this magic will come many powers and abilities, it will open up many of your psychic faculties, and you will elevated in your understand of magic in general.  These pieces are very powerful by the ancient powers that have been set into them