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Many people of different races can adopt another one if they live it long enough. For example some white men in prison get down with the homies just to stay safe. It is not something I would do because I'm a fighter and I would run  hell if I ended up there-but that is just me.
I remember when I was about 12 and for a short stint was in a reform school for wayward girls. Not really what it was called but it sounds so 50's! What I will never forget is when I went there to the horrible prison of disgusting people everyone was black except this greasy looking chic and I have no idea what the hell she was and didn't care either. I was there all about 5 minutes when three black girls tried to take my pocketbook and told me who ran the place. Me being me,well,one went out the second story window of the place and the other two got thier asses beat,just for thinking so irrationally! After that they all obeyed as they should. I was never one to start a fight but you certainly did not want to entertain the thought of messing with me. I was nice and I helped all I could but I did and still do have a very short temper. I don't remember if I ended up there for breaking this kids arm that messed with my brother or some other infraction,either way....
The other thing I remember clearly was when this new girl came in. She was paler then I and had blonde hair.  She came in just at dinner and was told to sit down and eat. So now there are two whites at the table except this girl must have been freaked out of her mind and told everyone she was black. She was FULL black but had some skin disorder. I guess it came with blue eyes and blonde hair too?? Now this kind of crap pisses me off. Stand up for who you are! It doesn't matter what color you are why should any other color scare you? She even began talking black and going on about her black boyfriends,etc. Now I knew this was a load of shit but I sat there grateful that I was not like that. What really killed me is the black people believed that she, miss near albino was black!!! That showed me just how surrounded by stupid people I was. She was adopting their culture! She cast hers aside for fear. WTF! Grow a pair!
You also have a million cultures of whites,red necks,upper crusters,mid income,whites that want to be black and so on.
You have blacks that are uppercrusters,thugs and tards,what have you.
You have Asians that are asian and then asians that are whatever the heck they are.
Italians that want to be in the mob or prtend they are connected or they tan themselves to death. Either way its a culture. Heck Big Ang is a culture all by herself!
The bottom line is when around a certain group you can adopt a way of life and become used to it,even loving it like those people who eat at Mc Donalds! And that is the story I'm about to tell you!
His name was Michael. Maybe he was the very first Michael before the Arch Angel,maybe not but he was born of a golden Sun that in which God made him of a fire. Not the fire of hell but the fire of love. He was a djinn but he is the very first created Djinn ever. I can't tell you how many years he has been here,it's infinite.  What I can tell you is  that over the millions of years he has become used to humans and adopted that culture.  I had him show me when he was born and there was no Earth then,there was nothing but heaven. There was no lucifer,no Jesus,nothing. There were some other beings of course and he has passed some of those to me but he is incredible.
As you look at him you will see the gold on top of his head,that is because he is golden,he has full telepathic ability with you. Try it now while looking at him. The face you are looking at is what he looks like. That is his face. The necklace that holds him up is real gemstone and was part of this archway called Spintania. Spintania is a place in heaven where creatures are made and given souls,full knowledge and the ability to do as they wish. This is something he showed me and told me.
You might ask why was he created and can he do what he wants to? He was created to be as he is a giving,loving,fully powered beyond anything Lucifer or the angel Michael could ever do. He sat with God among some of the other creatures,he helped to create other plenets and places. The world,space and time is eternal,nothing is impossible!
His personality is calm,peaceful and yet powerful.This is someone that you don't mind sitting next to and that you will have a full relationship with. This is not the Djinn for a person that moves onto other things or losses interest. This is a lifetime partnership and you may ask him to join a family member when you pass.You may even not pass if you decide not to. With immortality does come rules if you go for that. This is a First and only Golden God made first Djinn so when that end time comes you too will go as your supposed to. This is a fully powered,lucifer ass kicking djinn,there is nothing dark about him.
What he can do for you is all that you want and he likes to do it. He is not tempermental because again he has adopted the culture of human. He in his formcould turn to smoke and fly away and never in his early days did he join human form but believe it or not us humans do have some advantages! He liked them and he liked them a lot! Sex,food,the pleasure of touch. The intimacy beween humans is something that he loved and was not about to give up. God is okay with this,Michael has free will. He can do as he pleases as long as it is not evil.
Michael is a man so a human woman he certainly doesn't mind but a man is okay too as long as you know he does leave from time to time to be with a woman. 
 This is NOT a djinn you need to control and in fact it will never happen,he is way to advanced. He will give you all ask for with out a second thought,he likes that,he understands humans and what they need and he wants to become one. Due to this he does often appear in human form. He will sometimes come up to you in public and you will know it is him.
I could go on and on about him but the bottom line is,there are no words for his power or how strong his abilities are. 
 He is the only one I have,you can't get another because he was made by God as he is.