Operation Stargate

Operation Stargate

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The secret agendas of the government are not always crystal clear.  In fact, a lot of times they even go as far as to create fake controversies of policies that they put into effect so that way the real-real reasons they are doing things is completely hidde.  You know, sometimes they lie to us.  Well, okay... they lie to use more often than not.  However, their intentions cannot remain cloudy forever.  Sooner or later the people will rise up and realize what is really going on.  The government will become transparent and we will finally realize their true intentions. 

While we don't necessarily dislike George W. Bush, he did do some shady things while he was in office.  He wasn't nearly as shady as Obama, or as snarky, but I think the in order to be properly be the President of the United States of America, you must be able to deal a certain amount of shade to the American people.  It's like a prerequisite or something.

In the wake of the September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center, George Bush vowed to attack those responsible for such a tragedy on American soil.  In 2003, in the State of the Union Address, Bush Jr went on and on about how we need to start a preemptive attack in Iraq.  His reasoning was that Iraq had possession of Weapons of Mass Destruction and because they may or may not be harboring Osama Bin Laden.  Bin Laden was widely accused of being responsible for the attacks on American soil.  Aside from this, Sadam Hussein was thought to be an extravagent leader who murdered his own people and somehow had it in for America. 

Eventually, in the background came the noise that the war was fought for several reasons that weren't necessarily on the political foreground of truth.  The first of these reasons were the Little Bush wanted to avenged his daddy.  The second was that Dick Cheney's Haliburton made nearly $40M during the Iraq War.  The third, and probably most popular, is the war was being fought of oil, which has seemingly become liquid gold.  So we have Bush telling us that the war is being fought over one thing, critics telling us that it is being fought over another.  The absolute truth behind the real War in Iraq has, for the most part, been kept a secret. 

The real reason for the war in Iraq deals directly with exopolitics and the fact that the world is part of an interstellar society, whose ambassador is the United States of America.  In ancient Sumer there was built what we call a Stargate.  This Stargate can be seen simply using Google Maps, unless they block that out now, kind of like they did with HAARP.  The stargate has been seen with depictions of divine beings.  They flank a temple entrance and hold up poles wo which ringlike objects are attached.  These beings could be Djinn, I guess nobody really knows.  Or they could be minion classes of the Nephilim and Annunaki who used these stargates to travel from their world to ours.  The celestial natures of the temple can be obviously pointed out due to the the inclusion of symbols like the Sun and the Moon.  It depicts Enlil and Enki holding open a gateway through whihc Anu, the chief Sumerian god, is making quite an entrance. 

Rather than think of this as some sort of ancient worship temple, whose meaning has been lost in the annals of time, it is important that we take the meaning of the depcitions on the temple for what they are worth.  They are divine beings.  They show not only Anu, but his two sons, Enlil and Enki.  The scene clearly represtens a transportation device that was once mostly likely located in Uruk, which is the founding city of the Sumerian civilization.  This is also the hometown of King Gilgamesh, who held his own famed set of Epics. 

This is what our war in Iraq was fought over, and I'm not simply referring to the Operation Iraqi Freedom.  I'm also talking about Dessert Storm as well.  The war to gain control over this stargate has raged on for quite some time, but give the fact that American doesn't have a good track record of fighting guerilla warfare, we have not been able to do so.  As long as Saddam Hussein, controlled the the startgate he was pretty much in control of the world.  The same goes for the terrorist groups who kind of center thenselves around Iraq.  I mean, look as ISIS and Al-Qaeda.  The battle rages on.  Power turns them against eachother.  Everybody wants to have control of this Stargate.  America believes is should rightfully belong to them and they want the stargate in its preserved condition, which is most likely why we didn't just nuke Iraq and be done with it. 

We met Abdel through Tomer, which is kind of strange because he actually Israeli.  But again, the government paints certain propoganda and not even the terrorits hate the Jews as much as they would like you think.  You can't always believe everything that you believe on television.  It will corrupt your mind eventually and have you hating people, too.  It is the dissent that the governments of the world was to spread, that way their true intentions, such as the stargate operation, go pretty much undetected.  But, we have the hook-ups and shortly after we met Abdul, we found ourselves standing face to face with the Temple that I just got done describing to you.  According to Abdul, there is very few times that actual humans are allowed to face the temple, mostly it is reserved for the beings that are known as the Annunaki and Nephilim.  Nevertheless, we were given the ability to travel using the stargate and I can tell you now that the truth is definitely out there.  There are intelligent nations of beings that exist all within our own solar system. They all hold unique and strange powers and abilities.  Some of them look like us and are humanoid. some of the look like robots or metallic creatures, one of them were simply floating brains of pure intelligence that gave off ultrasonic vibrations of knowledge.  Those ones kind of resembled those strange jellyfish looking creatures that have been washing up on the shores of Oregon. 

The point is that we made this collection of watches using the powers form the stargate, after we had travelled pretty extensively using the powers that are inside of the portal.  We cleverly designed these pieces to look like watches, that way you can use them wherever you go and people will not suspect that you are harboring any type of unusual power.  With these watches, you will be able you open your own personal stargate within your own body.  Now, it's not going to be nearly as extravagant as the one that is in Iraq, in modern day Sumer.  However, it is a stargate nonetheless and will allow you to astrally deport your body from Earth and project it into space.  You will be able to visit far away realms and places with nations of entities and beings that all differ from eachother and will all offer you strange and unique abilities.  There are even floating charging stations that allow you to recharge your souls for spiritual rebirth.  You really just have to explore with these items, because there is not accurate way to describe what you go through with these pieces, because everyone interprets reality in a different way.  For instance, time doesn't really exist for us.  Existence foregoes time, to make you either a mortal or an immortal, which is another ability that gained when we used this piece-- the ability to be an immortal should we choose to be.  There's just so much that has been incorporated into these pieces that the best to really experinece its power is to just get one.   We have ten of them and they are all different styles.  You wil get whichever that we choose to send to you.  You don't have to wear the piece to use it, your body just has be making contact with it.  The rest is what you make it to be.  You will enjoy this one!