Original Exclusive:  Dwarven Wealth Dragon

Original Exclusive: Dwarven Wealth Dragon

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There are many remote villages in China.  That's to be expected of one of the largest countries in the world, I suppose.  However, there are none quite as interesting as the village of YangsiYangsi is situated in the Sichuan Province and there are about 80 residents.  I'm not saying that there is a yellow brick road or the people there are off to see the wizard; however, the majority of the people who live here are dwarfs.  Rumor has it that the people who live in Yangsi were afflicted by a curse that left them little.  Scientifically, stunted growth like this only happens to 1 in 20,000 people.  Having such a concentration of little people seems unlikely, but somehow it happened in this tiny village-- no pun intended. 

It is unclear how these little people got that way or why they remain that way.  We staged an investigation into their abnormal size, but we honestly weren't able to find an answers.  However, there is one thing that we completely overlooked. When you are3 feet tall, it kind of makes hard for working a job in world that is designed for taller people.  Thus, we were curious as to how these little people a living.  They are very hesitant with outsiders, but after a night of convincing one of the small people that we weren't in the business of sabotage, she agreed to show us their own little source of wealth. 

Near the center of the village is a building.  It's a plain looking building with narrow doors.  it's a small structure and we barely fit inside.  However, once we were there, we feasted our eyes upon a well that was in middle of a room behind a double door.  We could feel the power emanating from well as we got closer and we watched as the small Asian woman fed the hole a few bits of gold and silver jewelry and a few precious stone.  We felt energy come from the well like a sonic boom, and the lady proceeded to tell us that this was the blessing of the wealth dragon.  We were quick to pull out some items of our own, which we let become saturated with the power. 

According to the Asian lady, at the bottom of a well lives a wealth dragon.  He provides wealth for the village, and the villagers feed him gold, silver and jewels in return.  It's a very simple exchange, but in the dwarf town they are very appreciative of this extreme wealth power, because they need to make due for their families! 

These piece that we have made bring you the power of the wealth dragon from the bottom of the well.  It's that simple folks.  This power will go across the realms and attract an extravagant amount of wealth powers and will lay them at your feet.  You will notice this wealth in many different way and areas of your life.  It is the same wealth that has allowed the dwarfs to sustain their existence for centuries!  Don't miss out on your chance to secure one of these extreme wealth pieces today!  It'll bring you all the riches you've ever wanted!!