Through the Eyes of the Occult (Part III) COSMIC PEOPLE

Through the Eyes of the Occult (Part III) COSMIC PEOPLE

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Through the Eyes of the Occult (Part III): Cosmic People of Light Powers

Searching the world for magic can be an exhausting feat to accomplish. However, once you find the magic you are looking for it can be very rewarding. I have spent the last five years searching for the most unique magic that I could possibly find. I have finally wrapped up this project and I am ready to share my results.

I will showcase the powers and magic that I have discovered in a ten part series. The series will be called “Through the Eyes of the Occult”, as you see above, and will be able to be found on the website by simply searching that name of the title. Each showcase will feature one unique item that is proprietary to the power source from which it comes. This is going to be an interesting experience and you are going to want to own at least one of the unique powers-- read on, I guarantee it.

This piece is a piece that was taken after one of my correspondent infiltrated the ranks of group of people that calls themselves the Cosmic People of Light Powers. It is Czech movement that is centered around a man called Ivo A. Benda. They have established contact with a race of beings that exists parallel to our own and holds the key to a multitude of extraterrestrial powers.

Their magic is a system based upon the existence of an extraterrestrial civilization that communicates directly with Benda and other “contacters” who have been divined to have this authority, ability, and responsibility. The “contacters” hold dialogue with the alien race that orbits Earth, shielded from the naked human eye. Then, they pass their teachings and powers onto the masses via parables and indoctrinations.

These immortal beings are always watching and helping the good humans and are waiting to transport their followers into the dimension from which they came. In the meantime, I have this piece for you to consider. This piece was smuggle from the central command of this group. It is a telepathic communication piece which will give you the ability to control dialogue between yourself and the leader of this alien race, Ashtar Sheran. You will be able to invoke his spirit for whatever purposes on this Earth. He watch over you and guide you to success.

This piece will give you the ability to reach into the realm of Ashtar Sheran and pull the powers out that you wish to embody. You will receive the knowledge of Extraterrestrial alchemy and this will make you a very powerful entity. You will not have to do anything to activate the piece, because it will automatically give you telepathic ability to communicate with Ashtar Sheran to receive your blessings and divination.

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