Through the Eyes of the Occult (Part II)Temple Ov Psychick Youth
Through the Eyes of the Occult (Part II)Temple Ov Psychick Youth

Through the Eyes of the Occult (Part II)Temple Ov Psychick Youth

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Through the Eyes of the Occult (Part II): Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth

Searching the world for magic can be an exhausting feat to accomplish. However, once you find the magic you are looking for it can be very rewarding. I have spent the last five years searching for the most unique magic that I could possibly find. I have finally wrapped up this project and I am ready to share my results.

I will showcase the powers and magic that I have discovered in a ten part series. The series will be called “Through the Eyes of the Occult”, as you see above, and will be able to be found on the website by simply searching that name of the title. Each showcase will feature one unique item that is proprietary to the power source from which it comes. This is going to be an interesting experience and you are going to want to own at least one of the unique powers-- read on, I guarantee it.

The piece that you see here is a piece that I have obtained from a group known as “Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth.” Spare me the ridicule of appearing illiterate, because this is the actual spelling and name of the group. They have more than willing provided me with the piece that you see here, because they believe that every person should have a chance to manifest his or her ability.

The piece itself comes from this group of magic practitioners and mystics that banded together 1981 to form an alliance. The group is dedicated to the manifestation of concepts in magic that lack any uniform type of religion or gods. It is simply founded on the belief that magic exists in all of us, we simply have to open our brain to be enlightened by its embrace.

These people are strong and powerful in both “left handed” and “right handed” types of magic. Simply put, the TOPY's basis for magic comes from a dual core source of energy that is found in the human's brain. This power lies dormant, because most do not understand the ability in the power. Once the brain is enlightened, as I have said above, the individual will enter full throttle into a world of magic and enchantment. The magic is of both negative and positive descent, with no real restrictions on how you can use it.

The piece that I am offering you holds the power to invigorate your mind. It will shed light upon the dark areas of your subconscious. You will be elevated to a level that will allow you to fully comprehend all of your natural born abilities and all of those abilities that you will attain in your life time. Your psychic abilities will be fully opened and released to you and the world.

What psychic abilities you will gain are totally dependent upon what abilities your spirit possesses. You must give your self a chance to bond with the piece and in a process known as self actualization, you will learn of all your new abilities. Remember don't be discouraged, practice makes perfect!

This stone glows and it is tossing power surges all over. This is beautiful and the coating it gives the mind is amazing. Feel the power,get the power and then use it.

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