Devalger Token of Power

Devalger Token of Power

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Devalger Token of Power~

The conspiracy of 1745 about the means of rolling out the "right way of living" caused splitting in the lands of the occult realm. Witches, Sorcerers, shrews and all other powerful magic makers were previously known, all together as Devalgers.

The Devalgers were the ultimate force of power in the Universe. The problem with the conspiracy of majestic ability caused the men and women to split and form their own categories of strength and power that are now classified today.

So now we have separation of Sorcerers and Witches, for example; but when they were all formed together there was an unbelievable force of power that was indulged and released upon the world. We have come across a piece that holds the bonded force of magic that was originally created when the Devalgers were as one.

This is a rare, one of a kind, piece that holds the most immense amount of power I have come across in my years of exploration.

This has been tested, but we know we have just scratched the surface on all the power that is within this piece. This is for the Ultimate Collector -- someone who wants the most extreme imaginable power!