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 As you may already know by now, meditation and visualizations should be an integral part of your spiritual journey. While it's true that you can gain an intellectual understanding by reading metaphysical oriented books, this type of understanding will not seep through all areas of consciousness enough to raise your vibration. The act of meditating is the only way to accomplish this.

It's also possible to do visualizations without being in a deep state of meditation, but the visualizations usually aren't as effective, because you aren't as deeply relaxed as you should be.

Even though meditation is frequently associated with the term new age, in reality, it?s a very ancient practice going back thousands of years.

While, meditation is more prominent in metaphysics, It can be found as well in almost every religion in one form or another.

Confused? Here's a brief definition of meditation that tells you more.

When it comes to the earliest known records of meditation, the teachings of Buddhism and Hinduism were at the forefront. They incorporated it into their own daily practice and today make it a part of their own spiritual protocol.

Even Christianity practices a form of meditation, although the common term it's often referred to is prayer.

One form of meditation that is well known throughout the world goes by the name of, transcendental meditation and is still commonly practiced today, and many people swear by its effectiveness.

Since meditation is a process that can take time to master, you may often find it difficult to hold your motivation.

If you do find yourself not motivated enough to follow through with this, it's a good idea to step back and see the big picture of all of the benefits of meditation that you are missing out on. Just stick with it and you won?t be disappointed.

Lets say you've never meditated before, or perhaps you?ve meditated but with little success. If this sounds like you, then this piece is the key to your success!!

Regimented with essential factors, this item will generate the flow of hemogloblin in your body to allow you to be uplifted by the bliss of meditation and the visualizations of glory that will proceed.

Before you begin meditating, you need to consider the following:

    Your State of Mind
    Your Environment
    Your Meditation Position

One of the most common complaints by those who give up meditating is that they fall asleep too easily as they enter the meditative state.

I had to deal with this issue quite a bit during my beginning stages of learning to meditate. One thing that helped me is to meditate with the light on for a few weeks.

Once your mind adapts to the idea of entering a deep state without falling asleep, you mind will adjust to it and falling asleep will become far less frequent. Then you can meditate in the dark with much more success and without the fear of falling asleep

If you live in a busy environment where it's difficult to find a place where there isn't any noise, you might want to invest in a pair of noise cancellation headphones.

I own a pair of Sony NC Headphones that I use just for this reason, and it really does make a difference in blocking out the lower noisy frequencies

It also helps to have a fan that can create white noise, thus blocking out many sounds that you would hear otherwise. Of course you only want to consider this if noise is a problem that you can't get away from. Just don't use "noise" as an excuse not to meditate at all

Let's face it, we live in a rushed society, and it's easy sometimes to caught up in it and be pressed for time. It's easy to make an excuse that you don't have 30 minutes to sit down and meditate today, but it's much harder to say that you don't have 2 to 5 minutes that you can devote towards meditation today.

In spite of what you may think, you CAN benefit from 2 to 5 minute meditations. You just condense the time down on each specific part of the meditation. I'm working on some meditation scripts that I will provide later that will help you get started.

One of the most easy meditation techniques that I use is for canceling out unwanted mind noise when you are trying to enter the stillness. What works for me is saying the word "DISSOLVE!" or "CANCEL!" with conviction and purpose, and then visualizing the intruding thoughts being vaporized in a white light.

The elements of use that I shared above will help you as you introduce the energies of this piece upon your body --- the preparation to meditate, along with the power in this token piece will explode a new found ability that will bring you many enrichments!

** The adancements that these pieces will generate with the strength to appeal to your conscious and subconscious state of sensing will bring you harmony and extreme knowledge as you ascend upon the realms when you lift your mind, body and spirit during your meditative state.

This is the perfect piece for all of you who wish to meditate, but never have been able to reap the rewards~