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Extra sensory perception, or better known as ESP or PSI, is based on the ability to obtain information without the use of the five physical senses.

The information is obtained from our non physical senses, and in spite of its strong association to the broad concept of new age, it's more accepted now than ever before.

Testing for ESP can be quite difficult due to it's subtle nature, thus ESP is not an exact science. In fact, many people don't even believe it belongs in the same sentence as the word "science".

In spite of its subtle nature, there have been some quite successful ESP tests done.

Unlike our physical senses of sight, taste, smell, touch, and hearing, ESP comes to us through non physical senses.

This information that comes to us, can come come by means of telepathy, clairvoyance, or precognition.

Unfortunately, many times our rational mind wins out when the information DOES come to us. We quickly dismiss it as fabricated, coincidental, or just poorly interpreted data induced by our own imagination~!

This piece is charged to allow you to be alerted to these powerful messages that are send to you through ESP! If you constantly disregard messages and skills that are tyring to be given to you, then the abilities you can achieve will be lost -- as a wall will be put up internally within you and your mind will be forever closed.

We all have assertions of ESP that comes to us through stem-cell emergence on the spectrum of the Universal Realm. This radiates with the qualms of the kinetic waves in the air to proclaim knowledge to us --- but 95% of all humans shoot down this given gift. This is a natural reaction, and it is hard to not dismiss the concepts and ideas that come through --- but now with this piece you will be able to transition your mind and attract all the extra sensory perceptions to help bring you power and strength in extreme knowledge!!

Testers said that this truly opened up a whole new world to them, as they finally were able to "see" things the way in which they are intended to be seen~

** Do not miss out, if it is sold, email Jason as he may be able to get anothe invoked~!