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The Franklin House, also known as Franklin Castle, is one of the most haunted places in Ohio. The house is four stories tall and has over thirty rooms. It has many secret passages and rooms, including one where over a dozen human baby skeletons were discovered later on. It was built by a German immigrant named Hannes Tiedemann in 1865. He and his family suffered much misfortune and many of his relatives died in that house. Some of the deaths have been said to not be natural.

Tiedemann sold the house and the other tenants experienced strange noises, things moving on their own and ghosts. The house never stays in one person's hands very long as many of the previous owners have been so spooked by the house that they had to sell it after staying in it for only a short while. One family called for a Catholic priest. The priest declined to do an exorcism, however, he told the tenants that he sensed an evil presence and that they should leave. More details about the house and all its legend can be found all over the internet.

This item is from the Franklin House. This piece is said to hold the same entity that was in Amityville and the same entity in the Exorcist, which was a boy who was possessed. This ring seems to be handed down and it previously belonged to a magician. We know that it did come from this house and what it can do. The item itself can go to homes and people, take the power from them, drain the mind and it will hypnotize most people.

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