Body Portal Realm-- Health Breakthrough

Body Portal Realm-- Health Breakthrough

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Anna's Amazement~

In 1934, asthma sufferer Anna Monaro became famous in the medical circles across the World. Various doctors had examined her, but no one could explain why light would stream out from her chest for several seconds during her nightly asthma attacks.

Sometimes it would glow blue, sometimes red and occasionally green. Although Monaro and her doctors were accused of fraud, additional witnesses and even filmed evidence proved that this was in no way a hallucination or manipulation.

After reading this case, during research on an item we obtained, we realized the meaning of this; she had an illuminated portal within her body. These are extremely rare and hard to witness.

There are few people who have these enter their bodies and most would never know because the light only shines at night when they are sleeping and they would never see it.

The issues of Anna's asthma attacks would wake her up and that is how she first reveled in the witness of the lights.

After spending a lot of time, and investing money, to learn more, we were able to find a telepathic Mason who was able to look into the soul of another woman who had this issue, her name was Caroline. Caroline was the most recent case like this and Ken, the Mason, was able to use communication channels to enter the portal and command understanding.

Once he could properly communicate his desires, he was granted permission into the portal and reveled in the magnificent world of force. He came back with a mindful of knowledge that he wrote down.

The information fortified a puzzle. It was a mind bender that when solved gave the missing piece to a spell his mastery teacher had been working on for years. The last vital piece made the spell work and allowed 'key holders' admittance into this rare realm.

Ken has been visiting the realm for the past 2 years and now has been able to release new key holders who can enter the mystical light beam portal.

Noted as a deep ritual world, Ken says that key holders will be able to learn trancing techniques, how to replenish and bundle one's own energy, and how to interact energetically and control objects in both the new realm and our current one!

He will only grant access to 5 people; we fought for the right to be given one portal piece.

We promised that our customers are genuine in their motives and will revel in the realm and keep their 'key' as a sacred piece that will not fall into the wrong hands!

Fascinating discovery that will bring you power and help you be a forefather for more information that will be unlocked and revealed over time~