Spiritual Cleansing, Inner Peace

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Perception Collection -- Piece #4

These pieces are a collection of items that were found in the Ebeling Valley; they were empowered with precognition power to enchant you with the power of sensitivity to acquire the power of perception. This skill allows you to know the future which will perceive the level of protection that you can overcome.

Desires bring forth the connection to our future that will unite the installments of relinquishment that will become projections that will defend our cherished energies that are unique to each of us at birth.

Piece # 4 --- This piece showcases inner peace. The installment of blessing upon the item will allow you to be at ease and find peace within yourself. Life is hard and can bring about obstacles that make people make choices that are not always the best.

Bad choices and mistakes can eat at you inside and out and make you blacken your body with guilt!

This item is empowered to cleanse you and assist you in achieving inner peace.

*Noted as Deedee's favorite piece of the collection because everyone can use a cleansed spirit -- inner peace brings forth amazement in your life!