Rosicrucianism and Esoteric Truths

Rosicrucianism and Esoteric Truths

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Rosicrucianism and Esoteric Magic

This piece is a brand new item that we received from associates overseas. It holds many powers and will do many good things for you. It will open up your spirituality and take you to heights that you have never experienced before. It will put your existence on the same plane as that of angels, gods, and a vast network of other beings that are too many to list. It is THAT powerful.

The power that this piece holds is from the 13th Century and was derived by a man whose name was Christian Rosankreuz. He is the man that is credited for “inventing” Rosicrucianism, his ideology on existence and religion. Really, he was simply the man to realized and discover truths that all of us are capable of discovering. This piece is designed to put you well on your way and accelerate any results that are desired.

I felt an immediate psychic connection with this piece, upon receiving it. It actually opened my 3rd Eye, and put me into an immediate trance like state, during which I saw visions of the original era of the Rosicrucianists. I received glimpses of the Fama Fraternitatus and the Confessio Fraternitatus , which were the two ultra secret societies that govern the power that I am about to offer you.

With the power of these two fraternities, you will given the esoteric truths that are the foundation of mankind. You will be given the core magic of all existence, and a heightened mind to be able to understand it. These truths are so powerful they have been concealed to the average man and they provide insight into the alchemy and magic that is found in nature, and the physical and spiritual realms.

The powers have been forged into the piece that you see here. It is a modern piece, used by modern Rosicrucianists. You can use this piece in a variety of ways; either as a meditative piece, or a pendulum piece; or you can sleep with it by your bedside and let its powers bond with you. Either way, this is a very powerful piece that will achieve maximum results. You definitely DO NOT want to miss out on this one.