Gift of a Soldier; Truths from Middle Earth

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Gift from a Soldier; Inner-Earth Secrets

Bravery is a concept that not many people can say they have mastered. However, this piece is a testament to the deepest brand of bravery that has ever existed. It comes from a soldier who served in across many generations and was passed down from generation to generation. It was a sacred piece to a family that unfortunately had no one left that was interested in maintaining the piece. One family's trash is our treasure, and we picked this piece up at an estate sale.

The piece that you see here is the original decoration of the afore mentioned soldier. As soon as we showed up to the estate sale, Deedee began to have a psychic vision that led her to the piece that you see here. She wasn't sure, at first, what the psychic connection was all about, but she knew she had to have the piece. Logically, we claimed the piece and took it back with us to headquarters to run some tests.

The piece in question holds the spirit of the soldier. It will tell you a story of wartime perils and all of his many acts of bravery. That is pretty cool in and of itself, but it isn't the best part. While stationed in Korea, the soldier was sent on a mission-- not just any mission, but a mission that was classified and covered up by his government that he was fighting for. He was sent to an ancient Korean ruin that exists somewhere in the jungles of Korea.

There had been reports of strange goings on in the ruins, although every time it was investigated, results to turn up an conclusions were elusive. This soldier was sent on a secret mission that involved remaining in the area, without any communication for several days, as to collect authentic data. The date was never collected, neither was the soldier-- or the comrades that accompanied him for that matter.

The only physical remains that were discovered was the decoration of the soldier... the piece that I am offering you. Whomever sent it home wasn't aware of its true value and its ability to bring forth the governments cover up of their secret mission. During testing we were able to relinquish the facts of what really happened.

The soldiers encountered lights in the ruins, that were supernatural and the most beautiful they had ever encountered. They were greeted by a race of people the reside in the inner-Earth free from war and prosecution. This race's very existence is that of alchemy and magic. They practice magic, but they are magic and will give you the power that they exhibit. With this magic you will gain many powers including telepathy, powers over naturally occurring elements, the ability to communicate with spiritual beings, and the ability to meditate your existence to a higher, more comprehensible level.

Your eyes will be opened. Hidden messages from these people the exist in marvelous cities and countrysides under the outer layer of earth will be release unto you. You will be able to to use these secrets to exist in and of their magic. You will be able to speak their magic, which will give you many great abilities.

As for the soldiers? For their bravery, they were taken to a happier place, where their spiritual transformation was complete. The presence of the original owner of this piece was forged into this piece, which has, by no coincidence, found its way to us. Now, we want to share it with somebody who is deserving of such a responsibility. He will be your liaison to the magical ability that you've always desired. He will welcome you into his race of ultra-powerful and advanced beings. The piece is waiting for you. Make it yours today!!