Gnometic Powers of the Mind

Gnometic Powers of the Mind

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Put it in Reverse~

This item was spiritually brought into existence by a Figini Gnome. The Gnome's name is Siberaur, he had a desire to learn about his past lives and wanted to know what led him to the life he currently lives.

He resides in a jungle in Ecuador and has taken his para-science knowledge and used it to explore the many questions people face daily.

We all have deja'vue and think we were some place before, or that you experienced the same thing more than once -- I often know the outcome of things before they happen. Siberaur showcased that this is not a coincidence, and it is not that you have experienced it before in this life... it may have been while you were another person, or being.

He mastered the churning of the brain to utilize past life regression and wants to share this ability with others. Adita met Siberaur this past November while she was on an animal exploration trip with her father.

Siberaur could sense Adita had an exceptional past and offered to help her recall her past. She was limited on time, so he told her to take a piece he infused with the strength to help her.

Adita used this for a few weeks and learned crazy attributes about herself; at one time she was an Egyptian Goddess who was worshipped and adored by all. She also was able to visit these times in her recall and experience the lives again for a day at a time.

This happens while you are at rest... you can visit the past and every night explore the past moments and occurrences of your current and other lives.

Adita was enthused with this piece and could not stop thinking about what she learned... she then had a hard time not wanting to retrieve info. all the time; she was always "taking naps." Her father wanted her to be more productive, and with her assignments and trips for HC, she needed to be awake and alert .... so she contacted Deedee and said she was sending this piece.

It has been tested by Steve and I, it is incredible! You want to just keep going back and learning more and more and MORE! Deedee limited us to only a week with the piece; although until it sells I am going to sneak some more time with it (our little secret).

You will be free of fear and be able to undertake a journey in your mind -- you will be inwardly focused and everything that you have experienced along your journey of existences can be remembered and retrieved --- this is an unbelievable piece of mind awakening power!!