Lucid Dream Powers

Lucid Dream Powers

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What's in a dream?

Lucid Dreaming is the ability to have vivid self-awareness in dreams: knowing that you're dreaming, while you're dreaming. This scientifically proven state of consciousness leads to highly active brainwave activity - that's why lucid dreams are rich and vivid.

Your heightened awareness also means you can choose to willfully control your dreams whenever you become lucid. It gives you the opportunity to frolic in your own virtual reality playground... where everything you conceive of comes true.

Conscious dreaming is an exhilarating experience - you work with this at your own pace.

Once you become proficient, you will see the true potential it has to change your perception of consciousness, reality, and your subconscious inner self.

These items hold focused energy that will bond with your personal spirit and connect with your brain waves. You will feel high activity while you sleep and be enriched with the ability to lucid dream.

You will learn incredible amounts of information about you and those you are in contact with while asleep, but being conscious to factor the moments of knowledge you have collected while being awake.

The collected energies from your daily life will come forth and be understood in these 'dreams' to learn about the hidden assets that will bring you power in your life!!