Spirit Guide, Divination
Spirit Guide, Divination
Spirit Guide, Divination
Spirit Guide, Divination
Spirit Guide, Divination

Spirit Guide, Divination

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Spirit Guides Await~

On an investigation in New Jersey, we came across an abandoned church that was cold, dark and eery. The inside was so dirty and smelled awful, but you could tell that it was a gorgeous building at one time!

Using an EVP machine, Deedee was drawn to the altar of the church. She heard loud noises and felt strong energies. She called me over and I got a cold shrill shoot up my spine --- I knew a spirit had just passed through my body.

A female spirit came forth to Deedee's calling --- she is a spirit guide that followed the preacher of this church.

The spirit guide is called Theresa, she stays at the age of 23 and comes from an Edwardian time. Her family was well off and lived in Suffolk during her years, she's a philosophical lady who is easy to learn from!

Deedee found this piece laid by an old religious candle that had been burned all the way down. Inside this piece is the invoked spirit of Theresa. She came forth to Deedee to showcase that she wanted to be able to help someone again. After the preacher passed away, this piece was left in the church and has remained, holding her spirit for centuries!

Our testers spent a lot of time and performed hard work, using different approaches trying to view Theresa, in the end the way they found her was this:

She was in am elevator, and at each level the door would open, it was up to the tester if they wanted to get out or move up a floor. Eventually they would get to a level that drew them in.

Lindy tested this piece and saw an old English garden, white picket fences and apple trees; it was beautiful and on a summer's day too. She saw a young lady sitting on a tree swing, she couldn't see her face though, this was blurred out of her sight.

Lindy approached her and asked her questions 'what's your name, where you from' etc, their conversations were very short, at first, as Lindy grew tired. Lindy would talk to her once a day for a good month, until Theresa's face became clear too her; such beauty she has!

From then on she would visit whoever was holding this piece while meditating. Theresa would guide the person and fell into her rightful place as their spirit guide and later on, would become a friend.

We later realized that the elevator signified Theresa's experiences with the realms of the Heavens. You are able to explore the facets of the after-world when you are with Theresa. She will show you different views when the doors open, and you will have the choice of places that you wish to explore!

Deedee knew that this was an amazing piece of power. It is a white light emblem that will bring Theresa towards you and she will become your personal spirit guide. Your possibilities of knowledge in the realm of the unknown are endless.

Our testers were amazed with their experiences, but they feel that they barely scratched the surface on understanding all that Theresa can teach. You will be protected, invigorated and blessed with the powers of the realms we cannot see, or visit, on our own.

Everyone can use a Spirit Guide and a sacred follower, who is young; like Theresa. She is a guide that will enlighten you with sudden mind blowing experiences that will help you control preventable catastrophes that are planned out for your life.

Visiting the realms of the after-world will clue you in on accidents and disasters that you will be able to prevent when you warn off those you love when you are back in our physical world.