Natural Auric Shield Enhancement

Natural Auric Shield Enhancement

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Strengthen your natural shield~

It's alright, sometimes you have to lose til you win ---

Are you in a slum? On edge? Hit rock bottom? It is okay --- things will be alright again!

You just need an awakening redemption piece to clear your mind and develop the new foundation that will help assist you in becoming re-energized.

This piece is a flourishing item that will bring you peace of mind and understanding of what will remove negative effects that have attached themselves to your spirit. Many times energetic forces will be attracted to us and we do not even know we are carrying them around.

This is often when people feel sluggish, tired and just feel like not getting out of bed; the energy of a bad spirit focuses itself internally in our life.

If you have felt unstable and just not like yourself, then this is a life changing piece that you need to have!

A small altering is needed to protect yourself and maintain strength to enforce a magical component the will effect all powers that will enter and leave your body.

You are a vessel, and your auric shield is often down when you are under the weather. This piece will re-generate the blockade that is your natural aura... it is a piece of power and strength that holds telekinetic powers that will allow your to alter the physical temperature of defense.

The level of success is split between the ability to project thought-forms to manipulate physical objects and any defenses that must be overcome.

In our area there is a very high amount of pollen which causes many to have bad allergy issues. This empowered piece worked well for our testers to strengthen their natural aura and infused the shield which brought forth a connection of power that assisted in the barrier and issues of the supplements of the world.

You will be able to gain the power from this piece at any time you are feeling detriment in your life --- it holds extreme magical power that will grant ease and strength to enlighten your body and spirit.

This is an ultimate projection and protection emblem that is crafted in Sterling Silver!!