Marchers of the Night

Marchers of the Night

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The Marchers of the Night~

A procession of gods and spirits march on certain nights to visit sacred places to welcome the dying to Aumakua, the land of ancestral guardian spirits.

The Marchers of the Night, are part of the unbroken connection between the living and the dead. They have the ability of the dead to revisit the places they knew while living on Earth.

They appear on nights that are scared to the deities Ku, the ancestral god of productivity; Lono, god of the heavens; Kane, the chief creator god; and Kanaloa, god of the underworld.

When they appear, winds will blow and snap off tree branches to clear a path for them. Thunder, lightning, heavy surf and sudden downpours of rain are common.

The processions are either of chiefs or of gods. Chiefs dress in ancient garb and march in silence or to the accompaniment of drumming, chanting and the playing of nose flutes.

The Marchers of the Night will also appear during the day when necessary to welcome the dying.

It is very dangerous to encounter a procession. Usually, a spirit proceeds the procession and warns away the living by calling out 'Kapu!' If a person is met by the procession, the leader calls out 'O-ia!' or 'Let him be pierced!' Unless a dead relative of the living person is in the procession to protect him or her, the person is struck dead by a ghostly spear.

The only way to avert such a disaster is to remove all your clothes and lye face up to feign sleep.

Friends of mine, Chris and Candy, were in Hawaii a few months back and were warned of the Marchers when they first arrived at their hotel. Many people do not believe in the spirits and are naive and go missing; Candy has experienced things with me and has also tested a few of our pieces and knows that the spirits exist.

While coming back from a luau... Candy realized that she forgot her necklace that she took off when they were dancing; the chain was bothering her when the lei she got placed on her rubbed against it.

She had put the necklace where she was sitting, so she wouldn't forget it, but did anyway!

She told Christina to go ahead back to the hotel and she would quick run back and get it.

As she got back the luau site, she felt a cold sensation and heard drumming -- the procession was heading toward her. She couldn't see much at that moment, but knew in her gut that something was wrong. She immediately stripped down and laid down on the sand naked.

The gust of winds roared and she was able to feel the energies residing from the spirits in the procession. As the spirits passed right by her she was able to see the detailed attributes of each member. After laying there for what felt like an hour --- in reality she said it was probably 10 minutes.... a man came back who was there to clean up the luau decor; he saw Candy laying their naked and thought she was drunk. He came over and helped her up and she told him about her encounter with the Marchers of the Night.

The man had his own experience in the past and did not get naked, he was lucky because a relative of his was in the procession and had his life spared!

Candy got up, put on her clothes and grabbed the necklace and got out of their.

She told Christina about her experience and she was skeptical, thought she was just joking about the whole thing.

Candy was mad that she didn't believe her -- but knew what she had experienced.

That night there were strange flashes of light in their hotel room that woke up Christina. She realized the light was penetrating from Candy's necklace.

During the procession, one of the spirits inhabited her piece. Chris and Candy continued to have odd endeavors for the rest of the vacation; it was the item emanating its extreme strength.

The piece will bring forth ancient hidden magic that has not been practiced for over 600 years. The piece embodies the spirit of Miligram Bender, who was best known for his amazing abilities of layering powers.

The ability of layering was forecast upon his psychic abilities --- this grants you to be able to place psychic powers within a physical item. The level of success is split between the effect, and the duration of the power.

You will bond and be amazed by the magical power that was forced upon this piece; and Miligrams spirit has been roaming in the procession of the Marchers of the Nights for decades and now is relentlessly awaiting to enforce his powers upon the person who utilizes this amazing piece!