Native American Spiritual Eye

Native American Spiritual Eye

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The Native Eye

It is a widely known fact that the Native American's are a very spiritual race of individuals. They are known for their encounters with spirits from other realms, the ability to summon the most powerful spirits, and the ability to superimpose powers from other spiritual realm upon themselves.

I have a friend who is sort of what you would call an American Indian culture junkie. It is from him that I received this piece about a year ago. He sent the item to me after he noticed that the piece emanated an eery glow at night that kept him from sleeping. He explained to me that ever since he received the piece had been experiencing things moving in the shadows, bumps in the night, and other abnormalities that he couldn't necessarily put into detail for me. He isn't much of a spiritualist, he just enjoys reading about it and collecting original works of art

. It's okay, though, because we here at HC know all there is to know about spirits and realms, and powers, and all of that good stuff! I kept this piece for a while, running experiments on it. I experienced and witnessed the same goings-on that my friend had complained about. I wasn't annoyed or scared, however. I worked with the piece for several months and this is what I cam up with.

The piece that see below is an original form of artwork that was crafted by what the equivalent of a metal smith would be in Native American culture. It is from the Lakota tribe. With that being said, the Lakota tribe is well known for the their extra special ability when it comes to summoning spirits of the past and traveling or spiritual journeys across galaxies and spiritual realms.

The powers of the Lakota tribe has been superimposed into the piece that you see here, during a spiritual infusions process done my several Lakota spirituals chieftains. I determined this during my investigation into this piece. The jewel in the center of the piece is a spiritual eye, and during bonding with the piece will open your third eye, or sixth chakra.

The piece will weave you a web of spiritual protection, and the feathers will wisp your astrally projected self along the paths and manifolds of many other realms and dimensions. They will guide you on your journey always giving you insight into what is to come next.

With this piece you will be able to journey to the four corners of all spiritual existence. You will gain many sacred attributes and hold the key to many realms, of which few have ever been open before. This is a pendulum piece. To use it, simply gaze at it... back and forth... back and forth. Eventually, you will fall into a spiritual trance you will be able travel freely as you will, always protected by the web that will be spun for you.

You will receive the item that you see below.