True Sight

True Sight

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Nancy's Misery Arises True Sight~

The ghost of Major General Anthony Wayne , a hero of the American Revolutionary War, is noted for haunting locations across several states in the United States. He was known as Mad Anthony because of his ferocity and daring military exploits.

He was a native Pennsylvanian and became a key figure in the strategies of General George Washington during the Revolutionary War.

Wayne left the army in 1783 as a major general and returned in 1792 as commander in chief. He was charged with defeating 'hostile' American Indians as pioneers pushed westward through the Ohio Territory and beyond.

General Wayne died on December 15, 1796, in Erie, Pennsylvania, and was buried at St. Davis's Church in Chester County.

One of Wayne's best-noted hauntings is along U.S. Route 1 neat the Revolutionary War battlefield of Brandywine at Chadd's Ford, Pennsylvania. The battle of Brandywine, fought in September 1777, was a victory for British and German forces, who were able to outmaneuver Washington and his men along the Brandywine River. The losses might have been greater for the Continental forces if not for the ferocious rearguard fighting of Wayne and his men, which enabled Washington to escape a British slaughter trap.

Wayne is said to have rode howling into melee, exhorting his men to hold fast. Wayne's ghost appears here in full army dress astride a galloping white stallion, and then abruptly vanishes.

Wayne was known as a ladies man, and he was attracted to 2 particular ladies that he met at a dinner party in 1771. One lady, Penelope Haynes, was the daughter of Precott Haynes, a rich Vermont landowner. The other lady was Nancy Coates, a local woman who was a server at the party.

Shortly after meeting, Wayne and Nancy became lovers. In time, Nancy set her heary on marrying him, but he successfully avoided her entreaties. Meanwhile, the British were making military advances, and some prominent citizens asked for protection for their womenfolk, among them was Prescott Haynes. General George Washington commanded Wayne to bring the women to their headquarters.

While Wayne was away on the mission, some people at the fort maliciously told Nancy that he had gone to fetch his bride. When the Calvary returned, Wayne rode at its head, followed by Penelope Haynes sitting on the pillion of a wagon train.

Nancy gently touched Wayne's boot as he rode past, but since he was glancing back at Penelope, he didn't feel it. Poor Nancy was devastated and fled to the lake where she sat until dawn, and then ended her misery by walking into its waters.

We visited the area of Route 1 in PA and also went to Fort Ticonderoga to investigate the hauntings that were claimed by people in those areas. Deedee acquired extreme powers of thought right away and felt the defense of energy that was strong in both areas.

When at the Fort area, we all were drawn to the water. We were able to see Nancy's ghost floating face down in the water --- this was my first encounter with seeing a re-lived image; it was AMAZING!

The emphasis of the past endeavor of a love gone astray, by means of gossip, still resonates loudly in today's society. Having others put their disclosure on your life can make you revel in what is reality.

When Nancy was misinformed by others stating Wayne went to get a bride made the touch that was unnoticed seem as a brush off and caused her heart to break.

Deedee was able to connect with the spirit and all of a sudden the image of Nancy's body was gone and a flash of light ignited and an orb came towards us. The orb held the piece you see below; it was given to Nancy by Wayne and is a proclamation of her heart and soul.

The piece is enlightened with a realization of what reality is and also will bring you the ability to see past regressions of life in today's world. The ability of true sight that comes forth from Nancy's token of love will allow you to know the truth about something, even to the point of seeing past an illusion!

Wayne is still searching for Nancy and is why he is spotted all over the country, he never knew she killed herself --- she learned through death that he was not off to retrieve Penelope as a bride and that her inability to see reality caused her a shortened life.

This is what enriched and empowered her piece that was granted to us to help another face life without the detriment of facades that are painted by the World around us!!

An amazing historical emblem of passion and love that will awaken the power of 'true sight' upon you and your life!!