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1st place Prostitutes~

Urging marital fidelity, the Proverbs warn men against 'the loose woman' and the 'adventuress with her smooth words.' Israelite laws called for severely punishing harlots, but such statutes seem not always to have been strictly enforced.

Although the Bible does not condone prostitution, there are stories of individual prostitutes who were rewarded for behaving more virtuously than people who seemed, on the surface, to be morally superior.

The harlot Rahab and her family were spared in the destruction of Jericho because she concealed Joshua's spies. And Jesus, speaking to the priests and elders who questioned his authority, said that "tax collectors and harlots go into the kingdom of God before you," making the point that the tax officials and prostitutes had repented and accepted his divine authority, while the priests and elders had not.

The Bible reserves its greatest scorn for ritual, or cultist, prostitution, which involved both male and female prostitutes and was supposed to elicit the blessings of fertility from pagan gods. Although Judaism strictly forbade ritual prostitution and fertility cults, the people often could not resist the lure of cultist worship, such as that practiced by the Canaanites and Babylonians.

Life today pulls everyone in a million different directions, we are always on the go and barely have time for ourselves, much less a sex life! Based off the ritual empowerment of the harlotry, these items inhabit spirits of prostitutes that have been practicing since the 13th century.

Over time the spirits have moved vessels and have been able to execute their allure over the world. The current vessels we have encountered were found by Emir in Egypt; they belonged to a Gypsy.

It took months to strike a deal with the Gypsy, but Emir was eventually able to purchase a few of her extraordinary collection.

These are for men or women, the spirits have immense sexual energy that strike a chord inside your groin and energize your blood flow allowing total exuberance of pleasure!

Prostitutes turn tricks and learn the ideals of what their customers like --- these vessels are filled with eccentric women and men of the night.

We have only a few of these and they are simply incredible; when you order, place in the special instructions area if you desire a female, or male, lover.

They have been turning tricks and curling toes for centuries --- they have been in these vessels for over a year without any one to 'rejuvenate'... so once you get him, or her, home you will be fully eroticized by the spirit in this piece and you will feel like a new person when you decide to get out of bed ~