Scribal Scriptures

Scribal Scriptures

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Scribal Scriptures~

Before the Babylonian exile, scribes were government officials or others who held positions because of their ability to read and write. They performed such tasks as keeping records, writing letters, and copying documents.

During the exile, priest-scholars such as Ezra studied and copied the Hebrew Scriptures, and the role of the scribe took on a specifically religious meaning. By the time of Jesus, the scribes were professional Torah scholars and interpreters of the law, both oral and written.

Because of their intensive training and specialized knowledge, they were an elite group -- a kind of intellectual aristocracy -- and they wielded considerable authority. Scribes made up a large segment of the Sanhedrin, Judaism's highest court, and many held office in synagogues and local judicial bodies.

The scribes had three main responsibilities: They preserved and interpreted the law, applying it to daily life; they helped judge cases in the courts; and they taught the Torah and the oral law to students. Since the scribes were not paid for their work in the Sanhedrin, and were not supposed to accept money for teaching, many were merchants, craftsmen, or even laborers.

Scribes were scholars who might also be priests or might belong to one of the two influential religious groups, the Sadducees and the Pharisees.

Five years ago Deedee traveled to the Holy Lands -- this is when she had first met Emir. While on her amazing trip she met a Scribe who was extremely knowledgeable and powerful. He was mesmerizing; looking into his eyes made Deedee feel light headed.

He resonated with astonishing power and strength. He was able to tell that Deedee was sensitive and said he had a special gift for her. He gave her a white cloth bag that held divine items of power.

Deedee gave these pieces for Christmas gifts that year and there was an extra piece that she kept in her office just for pretty --- but now that we are undergoing renovations, her office had to be packed up and she decided this extra item of divinity would be a true blessing to someone, so she wants to give you the opportunity to be part of our club and have a scribal encrypted piece of knowledge and power!

This item will grant you visualizing power to see and learn the knowledge of the law through divine eyes, helping you to live a more fulfilling daily life. This piece will connect with your spirit to learn your belief system; it will strengthen anyone, no matter their religious outlooks.

You also will open a protection energy, once you bond, with this piece; this will project a magnetic field around your aura. The extreme ignition of energy will transmit blessings so divine that you will forever be in love with this piece --- you won't want to take this off!

Complete White Light Power will infuse you with a Glowing~