Signposts of the Divine
Signposts of the Divine
Signposts of the Divine

Signposts of the Divine

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Signposts of the Divine

The word miracle usually brings to mind that which is thought impossible -- that which defies understanding and contravenes the laws of nature. But the reason for a miracle is just as important as its occurrence.

Many miracles recorded in the scriptures are noted as signs of God's judgement -- such as the ten plagues of Egypt. Other miracles were acts of deliverance. After leaving Egypt, for example, the Hebrews crossed the dry bed of a parted sea and ate a steady diet of miraculously supplied food. There were also great escapes, like Daniel's deliverance from a pit of lions and the protection of his companions in the fiery furnace.

The New Testament records many healing miracles, both during the ministry of Jesus and later by his disciples. Those who were paralyzed walked again. The dead came back to life. Jesus also performed miracles to provide for people's most basic needs -- multiplying food and calming storms.

We may not directly understand how miracles could possibly happen, but a deeper truth lies behind their mystery~!

If the Bible's miraculous accounts are true, then they point to a God who is not far removed from us, but who is intimately involved in our world -- a God who cares deeply about humanity.

Miracles are a sign of  the divine at work in our midst.

God is ready and able to be with you and make things not hurt anymore.... but you have to remove the barrier and shield of doubt that you have placed on your shoulder. It is hard to do this once you have been pushed down deep. If for years you have doubted your faith, or have walked a dark path --- then you need help!

This is a cleansing tool that will evade the negative blanket that is holding you back from lifting up your head and taking in the generative blessings that are all around us.

There is a celestial energy that often fades away as you doubt your faith, and the power in this piece will showcase a renewal of strength to your personal celestial energy!

Many testers held secrets that they never shared with us, those of darkness and unhappiness that they blocked with masks of fake smiles. After using this piece they said their life has honestly changed and they are revived and feel like a different person -- like the weight that put pressure on their life has been lifted~!