Angelic Anna
Angelic Anna
Angelic Anna

Angelic Anna

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Angelic Anna

The prophets of the Bible include some surprising characters, like an 84-year-old widow named Anna, who prophesied a few days after Jesus' birth. Luke's Gospel tells her story in just a few sentences.

Anna had been married only seven years when her husband died. Apparently, she remained single the rest of her life, serving God in the temple, praying, and fasting.

Luke says she was at the temple "night and day."

On the day the infant Jesus was brought to the temple to be presented -- as was the custom then -- a man named Simeon recognized Jesus as the fulfillment of God's promise to send someone to save his people.

Upon hearing Simeon's proclamation, Anna began to spread the word about Jesus to those who "hoped for Jerusalem to be set free."

Anna's prophetic wisdom and blessed mercy to prevail the glory of God, and his son Jesus, kept her spirit full of power and she became an extremely blessed and powerful woman.

The distinguished rewards of her following instilled her with angelic portrayals of divine power. She granted the facets of this into this ring that she was given as a gift from her husband shortly before he died.

By wearing this piece you will connect with Anna's spirit and gain her essential elements of extreme power, and exquisite blessings of divine enrichment. It will bestow her granted honor given to her from God for her prime following upon you.

This will ignite you to have the powers of an Angel in Heaven while living your life on Earth~

* This is a size 6, so if it is too small it can be worn on a chain around your neck as well.