Progressing Presentism
Progressing Presentism

Progressing Presentism

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Progressing Presentism

Time is something that we perceive as a matter of course, if we view it at the moment, we usually divide it into past, present and future. Presentism argues that the past and the future are imagined concepts, while only the present is real.

In other words, today’s breakfast and every word of this listing will cease to exist after you have read it, until you open it again. The future is just as imaginary, because time cannot exist before and after it happened, as claimed by St. Augustine.

The ability to stop time and perceive all arenas of everything that has happened in our world is a powerful thing. So many things happen around us that we miss, due to the perception of time progressing as we remain unmoved in mind and body.

This is specifically apparent when tragedy happens. We are left stunned, grieved, out of our minds -- and that will extort the rest of the world to continue on with corruption that will pass us by and we can easily be taken advantage of this way.

This item was brought back to our world from Raviviska, and this will integrate you with the ability to transfer the remnants of all that is happening around you, that does affect you, while you are caught up with your own personal issues!

Charged with the illusive powers of the Sphinx, this is the imperial piece that will allow you to stop time, when in duress, and it will also expand your mind to progress and understand what is occurring at all times in the world around you!

Very impressive and cool piece~!

~ Rare item directly from the Sphinx that Raviniska was born from ~!!