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A cat has 32 muscles in each ear, this complex array of tatntilizing structure orginiates an amazing flow of sound spectrum allowing them to hear, and sense, sounds from a far distance.

The muscles act as recptors that originate and amplify the noises that are in the area of the cat.

We realized the function and tactile ways a cat can hunt and emerge itself, and thought this would be a phenomenal feat for a human to be able to have!

An increased sensory panel will allow you to be more alert during times of realm traveling, conjuring, imparting power and connecting with energies.

Being able to sense and hear things more accuratley and from a far will allow for a greater kinetic bond with spirits~!

This piece will engage your ears with a tunneling appeal that will wrath your head with signature qualities opening your sensory portals in the head. By strengthening your hearing, you also will gain relief from headaches, strain,  and sinus issues. We naturally get yeast built up in our ears, so this advancement will help remove this!

Very cool piece that will grant you amazing results~