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This piece is Sterling Silver Pendant on a chain.  It is a very unique piece and has been designed with a gem in the middle of it, along with some design work.  It has been made specifically to pull the powers that you have been born with from deep within your very own core existence. 

Now listen to me really good. Many of you may say that you were born with no power or no ability and thats just not true. It is just that you have not located it yet. You may be a psychic medium but that power has not been pulled from you yet. You could be a great leader yet lack the articulation and imagination to do something with yourself. It could be that you lack just a simple energy. You just never know.

What is more so great about this is that while many items are charmed or enchanted and that is good they are charmed for one thing. That one thing may not be your natural talent or adaptable to you.

This item does not work like that. This item is to seek out and pull forward what you need to be the enlightened being and spirit that you have hidden.

I know someone right now that could do so much with themselves yet they are stagnant in their life. I feel this is such a waste. I would offer this to him, but he is not into magic like that...  contrary to what we know after doing countless investigations.  Oh well, who the heck cares!  If it can change your life for the better and empower you to do anything then you wear it!

This is not only beautiful but special and I only have one. Once you have gained all you can you may pass it on and it will not take away from you.

The wizard that made this has made a few other things and I find him to extraordinary and I can't say enough about some of the things he has made. One Item I will be putting up is divine and again I will only have one of them.

Don't let this one get away from you because I do not have another one.