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This set comes from a lady that has sought out the presence of Leprechauns for 22 years. She has traveled all over the place and found that very few are found in Ireland. Many are found in London! I was shocked to hear that and when I first met her which was off the internet. I thought she might be a little cracked because of how she talked,I was wrong.

In all actuality, she is a little cracked but her stuff is real. We bonded really fast. I almost typed boned. That would not have been good because some of my readers would have really thought that and that would not have been good. How can you get boned by a womanω I guess you can if they have gear or something but you all know what I mean.

When I first set eyes on her I thought oh no this one is a special person!  Then I started to talk to her about her life and I asked a ton of questions like did she have old timers (what I call Alhzheimers) or was she taking meds. AS IF I should even ask such questions being me but I can't help myself. Just as I was waiting to hear some of her answers I saw a Leprechaun hop out from behind her hair. He begged me to take hm with me.

I was wearing this shirt that pushed up my melons and he jumped on it. She laughed because she watched him do it. She said oh he must love you! Come to find out that just wasn't the case. He really just wanted out of there.

Her daffy smile left something to be desired,she looked like she could use a head doc or something but she was just so happy. So who am I to judge?

Before I knew it I had a entire third melon and they were moving like jello,which I love jello,that green kind is best.

I asked Horace William the 20th (yes that is his name) why did he go with her if she got on his nerves and he said she could see him. I guess that is a good enough reason as any. I asked him and all of them what if a person could notω They didn't care as long as your not as crazy as the day is long.

The leprauchs you are getting in this set all bring you BIG,BIG,BIG wealth! All of them have different personalities and I like them all.

This piece brings you a band of leprechauns who are the brothers and sisters of Horace Willian 20th.  They all bring a different type of wealth prospect to you.  Some bring wealth in the form of job promotions or raises.  Othrs bring wealth in the form of games of chance such as playing the lottering or placing bets at a casino.  There are still others that bring you a multitude of wealth and as you bond with your item you will figure these out. 

What you are getting is a set-- one necklace and one bracelet.   They have been handmade and are very powerful is wealth is what you are in search of!