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This is a duplicate that we had from a while back that we are just now realizing that we forgot to post.  We actually posted to original as what the original was meant to be.  It was a set of stab sticks with which you could gain powers by stabbing and writing into the clay the problem you needed the magic to solve-- or rather what you wanted to gain using the magic.

We channeled this energy into a ring as a back up, just incase we needed to make more.  We have had this ring for quite some time now, without any further requests.  The client that ended up with the original stab sticks was very satisfied with the powers that it brought them.   This ring is just as powerfu, only now stabbing required.  Simply where the piece, which is an adjustable ring so nobody should have a problem putting on their finger.  The powers will begin to bond with you.  Then, instead of writing your agenda in clay with the sticks, you can simply write your intentions on a piece of paper.  While doing this, light a candle.  When you are done writing your intentions, read them out loud and then use the flame from the candle to burn the paper.

From the original excerpt, these are the powers you are gaining:

This gives you one unicorn for purity and pure magic as well as getting rid of all evil or black magic that has been cased against you.

The other one that looks like a dog is a heaven hound that I believe is real rose gold and an antique for sure. I used this one and had amazing results from it. I used it to battle a little something I had to do.

The next one gives you Egyptian magic of healing,and does a lot like the unicorn so you can use them together.