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This is a really cool one because there is a spirit attached and it is a fully operational, elemental wizard.  If you don't know what that is, it's like an elemental witch, except it is a man. 

I like it because he is well versed in all forms of magic. He can conjure for you,cause telepathic ability,communicate with other creatures you have,bring wealth,heal,anything you can think of.

There is all types of magic represented here. He will also at times work with his girlfriend who is a witch and makes occasional visits. When she does you will know it.

It is usually followed by a need to have sex or you will see her. Sometimes she will connect with you telepathically as well. In other times she is needed to help him make something happen for you.

This item should go with someone that is in to a wide variety of magic.

The piece is a necklace that you must wear as one would normally wear a necklace.  On the necklace is an abstract flower, to represent the abstract powers that you can use while summoning your wizard. 

When you wear it you will feel the power of this piece and also a slight intake of flowing energy that moves up the body.