Raking in the Clams
Raking in the Clams

Raking in the Clams

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Many of you asked for more genies so here is one for who ever gets it first.

This is not just a random piece, it is an interaction a bonding which you must do in order to get it to work. But that is so easy because you will always be with them and they with you, as long as you keep this piece on your person.

I know this piece looks kind of basic, but I assure you there is a LOT entailed to it.  It was once owned by an Italian mobster who ran a speak easy during the prohibition who went by the name of Tony Two Ton, because he was of epic proportion  His operation was in downtown Chicago after the mob began staking claim to the area.  Before that he was a runner for the Gambino family and this is who he got this piece from.  Well, I should say that it's where he got the mirror on the insdie from.  It was put into the clam as a joke the Tony Two Ton was always "raking in the clams," which led to him eventually becoming an underboss.

When I said that you interact you do. You bond by placing a piece of you under the glass,tissue,hair,whatever.  Let it sit in the clam, with the mirror for a total of three days.  After that, open up the clam, peer inside the mirror and the genie will show itself to you.  It will also give you the secrets to wealth, by also showing those to you in this mirror, as it is scrying glass.   The genie also grants wishes.  This is the real deal. Ask for something,get it. Need help,get it,want a companion,you will have it.

This does it all that you ask for you but you do need to bond first and do the ritual.