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The emails have been flying and some people are in an uproar. Others are upset and some have fear. I say, get it together! I was sent part of a listing that said something to the effect that it could open up the portals of hell or the legions or some kind of demonic power that is just wonderful. Who cares,so whatω You must have faith in what your own ability is and what you possess as your own magic or inner power. For everything thing that is powerful and dark there is something much more powerful based in the light. To doubt that is to show your lack of faith.

Lets keep it all in perspective.

Someone emailed me the other day and said I bought this item and found that it's name means the president of Hell. Does this mean that it is the president OF Hellω Um,no.  There are many names,mine means one that communicates and is close to God,go and look it up.

The listing went something like some of the most powerful men have used the item or called upon the powers of the legions of Hell or something like that.

First lets get a few things straight. It doesn't matter if your religious or not,some things are just truths that can not be denied. One is what a demon actually is. They are not your friends. They are not cute pets that are going to follow you around and let you pet them on the head and give then little whiskers Demon treats. They are going to destroy your life even if done slowly. It doesn't matter what anyone else tells you,these are the facts. What makes me laugh is that you have those that are not religious or do not believe in anything yet WOW they bought a cute little demon! Ohhh is he not cute and evil!!! There is some crap that I read and I just laugh my butt off at the audacity of it all. The funny thing is you don't have to buy them. You open yourself up to them and they are flooding your house like Noahs ark!

Now lets look at some more facts on these so called powerful men that had it all. This is going to be a ride.

Anton Lavey is first up as he was mentioned in the listing.

Anton Levay

REALITY: Born "Howard Stanton Levey".
SOURCES: Birth certificate 4/11/1930, Cook County, Illinois. Confirmed by relatives.
Parents were Michael and Gertrude Levey.
SOURCES: Birth certificate 4/11/1930, Cook County, Illinois. Confirmed by ASL's daughter Zeena and daughter Karla according to her entry on ASL's death certificate.
ASL's grandmother was not Transylvanian nor of Gypsy stock. She was a Ukrainian named Cecile Luba Primokov-Coulton ("Coulton" was Anglicized from "Koltonoff"). Despite his frequent claims, ASL had no Gypsy ancestry. ( now why did he feel the need to lie about being Gypsyω Did Satan like them more or somethingω)

LEGEND: In 1945 the 15-year-old ASL was brought to the ruins of postwar Germany by his uncle, a U.S. Coast Guard officer. There the teenaged ASL was shown top-secret films inspired by Satanic cult lodges and their rituals. ASL claimed that the "German" rituals in his 1972 book The Satanic Rituals were actual transcripts of the filmed rituals he saw as a youth.

REALITY: Young Howard spent the entirety of 1945 in suburban northern California, and never visited Germany at any time in his life. The uncle who he claimed brought him to Germany was incarcerated at McNeill Island Penitentiary for involvement with Al Capone-related criminal activity during 1945, and was never in the armed forces. Allied martial law forbade U.S. citizens from visiting postwar Germany. The "German" rituals in the Satanic Rituals are written in extremely poor, Anglicized German. They are clearly uncredited adaptations of the short story The Hounds of Tindalos by Frank Belknap Long and H.G. Wells' famous novel The Island of Dr. Moreau.
SOURCES: ASL relatives, former wife Diane LaVey, The Hounds of Tindalos, The Island of Dr. Moreau, The Satanic Rituals, Church of Satan member Rosalind Herkommer (who translated ASL's rituals into German). ( okay so he lied and he plagerized!)

LEGEND: In 1947 ASL ran away from home and joined the Clyde Beatty Circus. The Circus employed the 17-year-old as a lion tamer. He then replaced the Circus calliope player, accompanying such famous Beatty acts as the Concellos, Harold Alanza, and the Cristianis.

REALITY: The voluminous Beatty archives show no record of a "Levey" or "LaVey" as lion tamer or musician. The Concellos, Alanza, and Cristianis were never Beatty performers; they worked exclusively for the Ringling Brothers Circus.
SOURCES: Beatty 1947 Route Books, Circus World Museum, Baraboo, Wisconsin (Wright, "SD", page 67); ASL relatives.( I guess this made him more happy then just staying at homeω I wish Satan would come and save him now!)

LEGEND: ASL was exposed to the savagery of human nature during his stint as a San Francisco Police photographer in the early 1950s.

REALITY: San Francisco Police Department past employment records include no "Howard Levey" nor "Anton LaVey". Frank Moser, who was a SFPD photographer in the early 1950s, said that ASL never worked for the Department.
SOURCES: SFPD records, Frank Moser (Wright, "SD", page 68). ( the only savagery was the lies he told)

LEGEND: ASL purchased the house at 6114 California Street (which would later become the headquarters of the Church of Satan - the infamous "Black House") because he discovered on first inspection that it was the former brothel of Barbary Coast madam Mammy Pleasant. The house was honeycombed with trapdoors and secret passageways, built by Pleasant to elude police raids.

REALITY: 6114 was ASL's parents' home. It was never a brothel, nor did Mammy Pleasant ever live or work there. ASL's parents first allowed ASL and his first wife Carole to live in the house, then transferred ownership of it to ASL and his second wife Diane in 1971. Such secret passages and hidden rooms that exist were constructed by ASL.
SOURCES: Relatives, San Francisco property records (Michael & Gertrude Levey, Joint Tenancy Grant Deed, July 9, 1971). ( what can I say to thisω)

LEGEND: ASL wrote the Satanic Bible, his principal work, to fulfill his congregation's need for a scriptural guide.

REALITY: The Satanic Bible was conceived as a commercial vehicle by paperback publisher Avon Books. Avon approached ASL for some kind of Satanic work to cash in on the Satanism & witchcraft fad of the late 1960s. Pressed for material to meet Avon's deadline, ASL resorted to plagiarism, assembling extracts from an obscure 1896 tract - Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard into a "Book of Satan" for the SB, and claiming its authorship by himself. [Ironically these MiR passages are the ones most frequently quoted by ASL disciples.] Another third of the SB consists of John Dee's "Enochian Keys", taken directly but again without attribution from Aleister Crowley's Equinox. The SB's "Nine Satanic Statements", one of the Church of Satan's central doctrines, is a paraphrase, again unacknowledged, of passages from Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. The last words in the SB - "Yankee Rose" - have been puzzled over for years by readers. "YR" is actually the name of an old popular tune in ASL's nightclub repertoire.
SOURCES: ASL, The Satanic Bible; Ragnar Redbeard, Might is Right, Port Townsend: Loompanics (reprint), 1896; Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged (Galt's speech, ca. pages #936-993); "Yankee Rose" by Sidney Holden & Abe Frankl (Irving Berlin Music, 1926).

LEGEND: ASL claimed to be a multimillionaire, owning three homes in northern California, a convent in Italy, a chateau in France, a fleet of luxury automobiles, a 185-foot yacht, three salvage ships, and other property. ( this could be why some SAY he was very powerful,ya thinkωωω) ( oh sorry,see below it was all a darn lie! SATAN WHERE ARe YOUωωωω )

REALITY: During Diane [LaVey] Hegarty's 1988-91 lawsuit against ASL, and ASL's subsequent 1991 filing for bankruptcy, ASL stipulated under oath that he owned nothing more than 50% of the house his parents had given jointly to him and Diane, along with the personal items he kept therein. ASL's final years were subsidized by California state aid. Assessors declared the house to be in such poor repair as to be nearly worthless on the real estate market. Family members have attested to the fact that by the mid-1970s the LaVeys lived in near-poverty, frequently having to rely upon ASL's father's generosity. According to other LaVey relatives, ASL continued to rely on handouts from friends and relatives until the end of his life. ( Satan really helped him out financially,NOT!)

LEGEND: ASL presented himself as a loving family man. ( as loving as one of those demons I just described)

REALITY: ASL violently beat his wife Diane throughout their marriage. In 1984 a police report was made describing Diane being strangled into unconsciousness by ASL, who was in such a murderous rage that his daughter Karla had to pull him off Diane and drag her outside the house to save her life. ASL routinely physically beat and abused those of his female disciples with whom he had sex, forcing them into prostitution as part of his "Satanic counseling" and collecting their earnings. In 1986 ASL was a passive witness to the sexual molestation of his own grandson by a longtime friend who was later convicted of sex crimes with minors. In 1990 ASL informed a mentally-ill stalker of his daughter Zeena of her whereabouts and the time & location of a public appearance she was scheduled to make, deliberately endangering her life. ( I did say loving didn't Iω Do you think he wore one of those wife beater tanksω Just a thought.) ( prostitution,OMG he had one up on Obama's organization,ACORN!)

LEGEND: ASL had a deeply affectionate relationship with his other pets.( do we even want to knowωωω)

REALITY: In the late 1960s ASL acquired a Doberman Pinscher (Loki) as an accent to his "sinister" image. ASL never took the time to housebreak or train Loki, and relegated him to the overgrown and unkempt backyard of the house, regardless of weather. If Loki ever tried to slip into the house for shelter, ASL routinely used Togare's cattle-prod on him to terrify him back outside. In his old age Loki developed such severe arthritis that he could not climb the stairs to the back door to eat, and began wasting away from malnutrition. ASL then gave him to one of his prostitute "students", who at least saw that Loki had a warm, inside home until he died a few months later. During her young childhood ASL's daughter Zeena once awoke late at night to hear slamming sounds and the shrieking of her German Shepherd puppy. Running downstairs, she saw ASL savagely beating the cowering, cornered dog with a wooden plank. When Zeena begged ASL to stop and asked him what the dog had done to deserve such treatment, ASL screamed, "She won't listen to me! I'm going to force her to obey me!" ASL continued beating the dog until her face was covered with her blood, then dropped the plank and left the dog quivering in the hallway, so injured and frightened that she wouldn't let even Zeena come near her. This incident left the dog traumatized for a long time afterwards. ( enough said)

Bottom line in the end he was taking hand outs,his family left him and he was as pathetic in death as he was in life.  Now lets all hear it for that great Satanic power,still want something like thatω Not sure still,okay read on then.

Now we move on to one of my personal favorites Napoleon.

Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon was baptized in the family home at Ajaccio, at the age of two. His parents and grandparents took him to church until he was a teenager. Sources say that he did not believe in God when he was a teenager and in his early 20's. "As for myself, I do not believe that such a person as Jesus Christ ever existed; but as the people are inclined to superstition, it is proper not to oppose them."
according to the Concordat every child had to be given the name of a Saint.  There was no Saint Napoleon, but with some research a Saint Napolis was found, a holiday was created and celebrated on Napoleon's birthday

In the book, Satanic Voices - Ancient and Modern by David M. Pidcock, (1992 ISBN: 1-81012-03-1), it states on page 61, that the then official French Newspaper, Le Moniteur, carried the accounts of his conversion to Islam, in 1798 C.E.
Many historians had questioned the official version of the emperor's death, but none could provide sufficient evidence to mount a challenge. Marchand's memoirs, Dr. Forshufvud came to believe, contained information that proved Napoleon had been poisoned. His investigations took him across Europe, to North America, and to Saint Helena and led to a sensational charge published in 1978, 157 years after the exile's death. Napoleon, he claimed, was the victim of arsenic poisoning. The murdererω Not Hudson Lowe, the English governor so despised by Napoleon, but rather someone from within his own entourage, a French companion in exile. ( why would Satan or the legions of Hell that give you all you want allow him to be exiledω Maybe Satan was not up on his game or something)

Napoleon became convinced that he was to die a slow death from skillfully administered poison. He registered his complaints with Dr. Barry O'Meara, the Irish physician who had attended him since leaving Britain. Gout prevented him from getting exercise; he was constantly cold, but sunlight gave him headaches; his gums were sore and bled at the slightest touch.The exile had grown fat and flabby and was depressed. He expected to die soon, he told his valet Marchand.On July 19, 1820, Dr. Antommarchi noted in his diary that Napoleon was experiencing "shivering, fever, pain in the head, nausea, dry and frequent coughing, and vomiting of a bilious quality." These symptoms marked the onset of the illness that ended in death 10 months later. His deteriorating condition was recorded in the memoirs of Marchand.Adding Marchand's eyewitness account to earlier testimony, the Swedish dentist was able to track the course of Napoleon's final illness in minute detail. In so doing, he came upon some startling new evidence that supported his charge of arsenic poisoning. Between March and May 1820 Napoleon was given a tartar emetic that would have weakened his stomach; orgeat, a drink flavored with bitter almonds; and a strong dosage of calomel, a drug that reacts fatally with bitter almonds. This was a prelude to administering arsenic, Dr. Forshufvud claimed, "the classic method of poisoning ... the killing of the weakened victim that leaves no trace of arsenic." ( it looks like those legions are falling short of the power!)

Napoleon, not being one to pass up an opportunity, reformed Egypt's feudal system and granted all citizens basic rights. Because he was interested in Egypt's history and culture, he had brought with him a group of French scholars. These same scholars are the ones who uncovered the Rosetta stone. The serious study of ancient Egyptian history was in effect started by Napoleon.

Although he did not like the Roman Catholic Church and was often irreverent, Napoleon himself was no atheist. His studies in Corsica led him to belief in God and admiration (but not imitation) of Jesus. Although Napoleon did not follow Christ's (or anyone else's) teachings, he once said, "A society without religion is like a ship without a compass; there is no good morality without religion." He later claimed he was anointed by the Lord to be a leader. His views on theology were very complex and it is difficult to say what his true beliefs were (perhaps even he did not know). What reverence he did have was toward God, but never toward Church officials. ( okay so he was like Jewish or somethingω Whats wrong with thatω They were not Satanists,am I missing something hereω)

So for our next bottom line,IF Napoleon was into the great legions of Hell he didn't gain to much and of course he died too and rather painful I hear.

And last but not least we have Aleister Crowley.

His magic worked,his source is what it was. But there is not much to say other then in the end he died pathetic. A heroin addict taking hand outs and pity from others.

I guess what we can say is that all three men who supposedly used Satan and opened up that great portal to the legions,you know all those powerful men,they just didn't get what they wanted. So if your thinking THAT magic works,maybe you better rethink it. I don't know,but I would.

What I think is going on is that the economy is not top notch so peope are resorting to selling things they would not normally put on. They need the money and will now sell anything. It's not a good idea,hold on to your integrity because people will remember that.

Now for what I have to give you real power and to battle some of the evil that is being released into the world. Remember,I never said the item was not real,I just ask you is it something you want. Another thing that stumps me is why was Hitler not even mentioned as one of those men that tapped into that powerω It is fact that he sought out the occult but I guess that would be not politically correct,however it is still fact. We can not write off history just because we do not like it or because it offends some. If we do not remember we are sure to repeat it.

What I offer you is real power in the form of what always and will continue to win. This is Divine,this is the time of God,the God Clock. It doesn't matter where you are or what is going on in the world or even who buys what. It can be a personal issue or a wordly issue or your just a great person and you want to prevent evil or help others,this is then for you. It is one of the most powerful items I have. It is not the only one but one of them.

This is an antique pocket watch that holds Templar magic and all that they kept hidden so it could not be exploited.

This piece is an actual ring that was used in the circles of the Knights Templar.  It has survived many years! 

To use this is easy. The concept of a clock is our time but each hour is an astral plain where hidden Templar or Divine items have been hidden. Each one holds a power or an item to help you in what you need to do no matter what it is. This will not leave you pathetic,poor or taking hand outs. This will not invite demons into your home but in fact make them run back to the hell they came from.

What it will do for you. This will bring you the money you need so that you're not getting depressed that you lack what you need. It will bring love and peace and it will help others. If you have a project that needs to be done or people to help then by all means get this item.

You can have everything including supernatural ability that is always a winner by using THIS TYPE of magic.

Can you travel and have the knowledge of items used and hidden by the Templarsω Yes you can. These are easy to get. You see them in your mind or you even can see them in a book and that power is given to you. There are at least 8 items that no one knows about that I have come across using this.

Breaking it down for you, your going to get these.

Protection for others and yourself.

Hidden Templar items given to them from a divine source.

Wealth so that your not worried.

You will prevent evil and scare the hell out of the demons.

You can astral travel with this item and you can see an item of the Templars and make use of it.

The Legions of Hell can open and you will close it like the health department at a bad restaurant.

The supernatural abilities that they possessed and there were many!

Some of these are psychic ability,telepathy,astral travel to where the items are only,the ability to knock the crap out of the evil. The ability to heal with the God clock by turning it back to before they were ill.

An understanding of all the great things hidden because there are just to many crack pots out there for it to be known by all.



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STILL ON DAY TWO- While in my daze the phone rings again,who could it beω It is Fang again! Fang is having an emergency. They tell me that a demon is in the house and ask me to talk them through it. Can you give me advice they askω Sure I tell tem,"GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE!" What more can I sayω Again I need to get it together and go do  lunch. I plan on coming back and making a dent in the shipping. It doesn't go as planned because I forgot that I have another investigation that I can't blow off because it is with the historical society. I love those people.

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DAY FOUR- Today is the day! It's going to happen and I can feel the magic. I get ready,I have hot tea but then I realize I have to go to Delaware and feed the homeless man Charlie.  Look people,it's still only day four! I find a new homeless person and take them home to prepare to give them a home at the local Wal-mart. I do not like Wal-mart but face it,it is great for homeless people and I have been populating them for the last two years with societies discards. Wal-mart has it all. Lawn and garden which is great for sleeping. Bathrooms for washing and a camping section for God Forbid,procreating in private,tents you know!

STILL DAY FOUR- Back from Walmart and again the phone rings. Low and Behold it is a buyer asking where the item is. You can hear a pin drop............... I uh did not do it yet. How long has it beenω Your kidding me! Really ! No way! I then try like heck to not laugh what is left of my mind out my ears. The audacity! The NERVE! I see it has only been a week! What MUST they have been thinkingω

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Getting serious now please understand that most of my descriptions will be as detailed as I can get them. They will tell you if the item is made of good stuff or junk. You will know if it was tested or not and all historical background available to me, this will be available to you as well. There will be no more questions answered on items because it will be all there. This will also include names of spirits IF they are known. You will have instructions on how to use your item right in the description.

One very big misconception is about to be cleared up. Someone else knowing the name of your spirit, entity or power will