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The Origins of the Bordeaux Coven: The beginning and Garcon

For my twenty-first birthday, my grandfather gave me the gift of a lifetime. Since I had already been drinking way before I even turned eighteen, giving me the gift of liquor or a beer isn't so special, because it wasn't that new. Wine, however, was different and it is a sure way to my heart. It always has been and always will be. My grandfather knew this, and while giving me a good bottle of wine wouldn't have been anything new, it would've been acceptable. I wasn't prepared for what he handed me though, which happened to be a plane ticket to cover the airfare of a trip to Bordeaux, France. Like I said, birthday gift of a lifetime.

Now just in case you all don't know, Bordeaux, France is the wine capital of the world. It is the home of the world's premier wine fair known as Vinexpo. In fact this place is so famous for it's production of wine that it has it's own brand named after it, and I'm sure you've all already heard of Bordeaux Wine. If you haven't had some, you should try some. It is exquisite.

What's more is I turned out to absolutely love the city of Bordeaux and its just over two hundred and fifty thousand people. These people, called Bordelais, are very classy people, and take pride in the things they do. It was just an overall pleasant experience, especially since they live for their wine, which comprises roughly 14.5 million dollars of the Bordelais economy. The cities architecture, deep appreciation for art, vast network of parks and gardens, or fine dining was also enough to draw me in, but there was something more. There was something that isn't known to mainstream society and is kept that way for a very good reason.

In the darkest hours of night, when most are leaving the bars to return home to sleep and then begin their work day over, there is a group unknowingly protecting the streets of Bordeaux. Not just the streets of Bordeaux, but existence as we know it. They protect the streets of Bordeaux for no other reason than they know what will happen if the portal that exists under an old run-down, late-century chapel is open. The chapel, the place they call home, is where they receive their powers from. Under the chapel, as I have mentioned, there is a portal to the darkest parts of the underworld. Should the portal ever be opened, Hell on Earth wouldn't even begin to describe consequences that humans would suffer at the hand of the evil that exists on the other side.

This coven of seven, however, is dedicated to the cause of protecting the human race and each feels personally accountable and responsible for doing his or her part in maintaining order on Earth. Normally, they keep their existence covert, but after a long night of wine sampling, telepathic vibes led me them. Being experts in the area of wine, because they've been in Bordeaux for a long time, they figured that I had had a little bit to much to make it home safely, so they harbored me for the night.

When I awoke the next morning, in the company of complete strangers and even stranger surroundings, they had no choice but to explain to me what I've explained to you. Their coalition is strong and their common purpose is what drives them. This group of seven beings has become a strong alliance and an even more quirky type of family. Their dedication to the human race is unlike any I've seen before in a set of superior beings, and their congeniality is somewhat the same, although, as with any group of vigilantes, they have their moments. They each bestowed upon me an individual and unique power that is representative of his or her respective personality. These power are in their purest form and be found on our website as separate pieces, because the vast network of power just couldn't be infused into one piece, because of their potency. I will give the first power's description here, but you can find the rest as separate entities on our website.

The first individual that I am going to profile for you is named Garcon. Now for those of you who know french, you will recognize the name Garcon as also being the french word for male. This coincidence couldn't be more perfect, as Garcon is the epitome of what humans would consider manliness or strength.

Garcon is actually a fallen angel from the realms of Heaven. He was tricked by Lucifer into assisting in the take over of Heaven, many and many eons ago in an epic battle of good and evil. He was one of Lucifer's prized possessions and his most noteworthy admiral. In fact, he was second at the helm, should anything ever happen to Lucifer during battle. The battle raged on and eventually Jehovah and the Kingdom of Heaven prevailed in defeating the takeover attempt and since Lucifer was so darn set on having his own kingdom to preside over, God gave him one and named it Hell.

Now, Hell isn't fire and brimstone as it is depicted in the Bible. It is actually one of many realms of the Underworld, that is laden with the despair and bitterness of eternal loss and damnation. This was Lucifer's new kingdom, which Garcon happened to be second in command over. Garcon wasn't really sure what had happened, because the sly and ever clever Lucifer, who at one point had actually been God's second in command and most majestic angel, had tricked him into believing that God was about to stage something evil at the cost of millions of angels' lives.

When Garcon realized that Lucifer had tricked him, he was taken back with anger and disrespect. He attempted to mount a takeover of Hell, which was extremely unsuccessful. However, as an enticement for a pact of nonviolence, Lucifer agreed to admit Garcon into the human realm, where he could escape the groping agony of Hell until the Kingdom of God came to rest on Earth. He was hoping that if he performed many good deeds God would take mercy on his soul, for such a God must know that his intention where nothing but wholesome.

Long story short, Garcon has commissioned himself as part of the coven that are the sworn protectors of the Gate of Hell, the supernatural door between our realm and the Underworld. Garcon has been there and knows what the entities are capable of, so he has first hand experience. He is a mighty, supernatural warrior, and faces problems head on with raw strength and powerful inclination. He hopes to one day win God over, with his good deeds done unto men. We will see how that one goes, but in the meantime he has afforded me the opportunity to draw, from his soul, his power in spiritual form.

With Garcon's piece, you will amass a great wealth of spiritual and physical strength. You will be like the Hulk, minus the mad part and the green part. You will be given the spiritual wisdom of both the realms of heaven and the realms of the Underworld, including the sleazy, scummy pocket of existence known as Hell and ruled by Lucifer, aka Satan. You will be given the power of a dual magic from both realms, as Garcon has the knowledge of both realms. With this magic you will be able to perform magical spells, charms, blessings, and even curses. You will able to enchant yourself with spiritual protection and safety from any form of takeover. You will able to see and speak to angels, spirits, and demons. Be careful when it comes to demons though, as they will most likely try to trick you in some way shape or form. They are jealous creatures, because God loves us and hates them. They are always out to possess somebody so they can live apart from the slums of Hell. Don't worry, though, Like I've said, you will have spiritual protection. Just be careful on your journeys and how you carry them out.

You will receive the piece that you see here. It is the spiritual form of Garcon and can be activated, simply by placing it under your pillow as you sleep at night. It will call upon his powers, and relinquish their essence unto your own spiritual essence and soul. They will intertwine him with you, making a much more powerful mantra, giving you powers that you never even knew were possible.