The Sunless City Through the Eye of Horus
The Sunless City Through the Eye of Horus
The Sunless City Through the Eye of Horus

The Sunless City Through the Eye of Horus

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A while ago we were on an investigation in Egypt. There were reports of lights in the sky, making contact with extraterrestrials, etc, as is common for the area. One of our networking agents called us in to see what we could find out. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to confirm the source of the floating lights sighted by the locals… Instead, we came across an even greater discovery. It was a discovery that we were unprepared for and took us by surprise.

As I’ve mentioned we weren’t able to confirm the source of the eerie lights haunting the locals, and after about a week of futile tests, we decided it was a case of mass hysteria, or perhaps secret ballistics tests being performed by the Egyptian government. However, we were Egypt and touring the Egyptian Pyramids never get old when your in our business, so DeeDee decided that she was going to treat us all. While touring, we came into the acquaintance of Raffia, a mysterious Egyptologist and local tour guide. Overcome by our enthusiasm with the rich history that Egypt has to offer, Raffia was about to give us the deal of a lifetime.

After our tour, he sought us out with a proposal. He claimed that for a hefty price, he could show us an a City in Egypt so ancient that it was still ruled by Pharaohs, where the citizens still hunted with bows and arrows. He claimed he held a relic with the power to take us there and for the right price we could go. Being ostensibly excited, the only question we had in our mind was where we were going to come up with the kind of money that usually goes along with a price tag on an offer like this. To our bewilderment, there was no exchange of money involved-- the price quoted by Raffia was something far more personal.

As it turns out, when we hired Raffia as our Egyptologist and tour guide, we got more than we could ever bargain for. It turns out that Raffia is the ancient guardian of a gate that leads into an entirely different Egyptian realm. The ancient city, simply named The Sunless City, is a city constructed approximately 100 meters beneath the Bayowda Steppe in the Nubian Desert, near the city of Khartoum. A settlement of ancient Egyptians sought refuge here after an Assyrian invasion in and around 667-669 BC. We had an exclusive offer to visit this thriving, ancient city. In exchange for a visit to the city, we must agree to relinquish Raffia of his eternal duty. He warned us that if we tried to cross him, we would be held in captivity in the ancient realm for eternity. (side note: In 1926 a group of French explorers lead by Emile Dantremont made a pact with Raffia. The deceived him, angering him so much that he caused an Earthquake in an attempt to murder them, collapsing part of the city. They escaped through a passage in the sand created by the quake, but just barely. They told their account of the city, but people thought of them as crazy because no one has ever been able to relocate the city since… that is until now.) After careful consideration, we agreed to his terms.

Raffia instructed us to ready ourselves for travel. We did, and the following day he took us to an ancient gold mine about halfway between the deserts of Southern Egypt and Northern Sudan. He led inside the mine shaft, lit a candle, and started chanting in a language that sounded as though it was a derivative of Egyptian and French, combined as one. As he spoke, the ground began to tremble, causing a whirlwind of floating sand that stung our skin and consumed us entirely.

When everything settled and the sand stopped pelting us, what lay before us was nothing short a miracle… absolutely breathtaking. What we encountered was exactly as Raffia had promised, an ancient Egyptian city, preserved in time. The cities bronzed inhabitants went about their routines, dressed in ancient Egyptian attire. We walked along a narrow passageway decorated by monumental stone monster that lead up the city gates constructed of pure gold, take from the abandoned mine. This city is cared for by much sought after Egyptian magic. The streets, and the whole city for that matter, are kept alight by the magic of the never-ending flame. The inhabitants are kept strong and healthy by the mystical river that runs through the center of the city, providing a source of food and hydration. The land is presided over by the Master of the Sunless Kingdom, a direct lineage of Egyptian Pharaohs. The citizens have preserved their ancient customs including embalming the dead, dressing themselves in gauze, fight and hunting with bow and arrows.

When it was time to leave, Raffia reminded us that it was time to pay up. He gave us the relic that had been his for the keeping for millennia, thus bestowing, upon us, the powers withheld by the relic. Unfortunately, we had to leave the same way we came… in a sand cloud. It was all worth it, because now, we can pass the relic onto somebody else, so they experience all the grandiosities that we were fortunate enough to be part of. Understand that with this piece comes great responsibility, as you will be the gatekeeper of the realm of the Sunless City. You will be the city’s lookout, reporting to the Pharaoh, and being held accountable for its worldly protection. In return, you will be granted immortality. You will be given the secrets to ancient Egyptian magic and will be able to control your surroundings by summoning the spirits of the ancient Egyptian gods (such as the earthquake caused by Raffia) as a means of defending the last ancient Egyptian civilization. You will taught the ancient customs, including the origins of its architecture and true source of the Egyptian Pyramids. You will hold key between this realm and theirs, and will be permitted to come and go as you please.

The piece that we were given represents what is called the Eye of Horus, which in most circles-- if you're not into ancient Egyptian magic-- is called the All-Seeing Eye.  It is th same eye that has been put on the top of the American Dollar Bill, which clearly has Illuminati roots.  Illuminati is ancient Egyptian magic.  It is the driving force of magic that allows for allows for the existence of magic and it is the Eye of Horus whose powers open up this portal for you when you get this piece.  The ring is an absolute one-of-a-kind piece.  I doubt you will find one anywhere and if you do, it surely won't hold the same powers.  It is cast in sterling silver, which is clearly marked in the pictures that I listed for this item.  This ring is a smaller size-- a 7 1/2-- but will work just as great on a chain as a pendant.