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This one also holds the atoms of the great Giza.  The ring you are getting has the depcitions of a bird and a flower and can also be used as a pendant on a chain.  The entity inside of it is called NOSFIVU and he will work with a male just as well as he will with a female.

This is a amazing item and can be used by men and women.  This is the Adam Atom and comes from the people in Haddonfield NJ.  I hdid have a few of these which the newer ones took them years to make but they are all great and have all been tested.  Unfortunately, I am down to only one left. 

The Adams Atom is unique because to use it is like removing the blinders from your eyes. it can be used in a few ways. When you first put it on you may feel a little creepy but don't worry about it. This will pass in a day to a few hours.

What this does is change your vision. It allows you to see ALL that is around you and into the above. There is more to this that you will have to be prepared for. While you will see all that it good you also see the bad. But the ring is also pure protection too.

The power of this is spoken of in the lost books of the bible and in the great library of Alexandria the way back to all knowing was revealed. That is what this ring does.

The other thing is will do is to bond to you forever the person your with or meant to be with.

Not sure what this ring is made of,because it isn't marked... but it isn't really important.  The importance is the power that you are getting and the entity in the ring that will bring it to you.