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I LOVE this item. I have another just like it. This item comes with a very powerful male angel that guides you to unknown and all pure magical power.

This can hurt a little bit and I know that because we have all tried this one out so I warn you now. It feels like you are dying but in a good way. Don't be afraid of it because it only lasts a few seconds and then you feel at peace. This is very old and the angel never ages. When I first came across this one it was about 14 years ago. I had it myself and kept it with me always. Then I pulled it out about a few months ago because I came across another one. It was at that time that we all tried it.

The angel that is with this item helped me so much and I did see him in FULL physical form. At the time I knew that what I had come across was not of this world but I did not know that it came from this piece. It was not until about a year later that I found out.

I can't get into the entire story of why he made himself show in full physical form but it was at a time when it was so needed that if he had not who knows where I would be today. That is no joke either.

After he showed himself to me like I said I knew he wasn't from this world but did not know that he would stay with me. When what was going on stopped and things were calm again he began to help me with things and show himself in dreams and visions. He spoke to me one time and asked me did I remember and I said yes and that is when I found out. But in all the other times he showed himself in visions and dreams he appeared as he was in his 30's. In the first full form showing he appeared as an older man. When he knew that I was not going to be afraid he began to led to me many other things that were magical but all white light.

One of the reasons I never sold dark items to much is because I never wanted to offend him. But in the business that I do I come across them all the time.  He has said that I have learned all I can and that I did well but that he could move on now to another. So here he is.

The piece that you get is a cross made entirely of sterling silver, with white light stones attached to it.  This piece is meant to be a pendant on a chain (NOT INCLUDED), but can also be use as relic that you clasp in your hands and meditate with.  However, when you wear it as a pendant, while you are not meditating with it, the power will come easier for you.