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Osprey This is a Augoeides and it is NOT a Crowley item. It holds that kind of power both good and bad but the bad is for a reason and not to hurt anyone.

Many of you that study Crowley might know the term Augoeides because it is the name he gave his angel. But the name Augoeides has been around for thousands of years.

What Crowley did was tap into it but he never used the good. This is both for the time being.

Augoeides means the Glittering Ones,those that have over come the earth bound world and made it to a higher level of magic and understanding. The reason you are or will be called a Glittering One is because you will have a body of light that covers you and allows you to accomplish anything.

This magic comes from the  De Mysteries by Neoplatonist Lamblichus.

This creature helps you to reach that state and it is a state you want to be in. Once you become as the Glittering Ones there is not much you can not do. There is no need to rely on others or magicals because you are the magical one. What helps you to attain this is one of the most Holiest of angelic beings.

The ring shown does not have any markings on it, but I've been doing this a long time and I'm fairly certain it is sterling silver.  On the front of it is a beautiful gem, which is where the powers are held, in this case.  The ring can either be worn as a ring (SIZE 8) or as a pendant on a chain, both being equally as powerful.  The power in this piece far outshadows whether or not the piece is sterling in the first place, but I'm pretty sure it is.