Vimana: the 8 are Great
Vimana: the 8 are Great

Vimana: the 8 are Great

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I am very excited about this piece.  It is going to change your whole perspective on existence.  You will look up at the stars at night knowing, if you didn't before, that we are definitely not alone.  We never have been.  There has always been some higher intelligence at work on Earth.  Whatever you want to call them, their presence has always been there in one way shape or form.  You cannot deny this.  It is the evidence that demands a verdict.  
Secondly, this piece will prove that our governments are not always out for our best interest.  It is a twist on the old conspiracy theory that 9/11 was an inside job.  It adheres to the same premise, but here's the thing-- Bush went to war in Iraq for his oil.  It's true.  However, he went to war in Afghanistan for a totally different reason. That is because there was something in Afghanistan that was of high value to him, as well.  What better way to be able to expend the might of the fiercest military on Earth than to stage an attack, unify the government, and then assail!  Better yet, he garnered the support of the international communities.  Those who knew what he was up to were promised a seat of prominence once the mission was complete.  
There was a problem, though.  The mission went totally awry.  Well, I guess not completely awry, because they still recovered some things from the crash site to take back to Area 51, which they have put in an undisclosed area.  I would too, if I were them.  The part of their investigation that has gone awry is the part where two major artifacts have gone missing.  They are artifacts that were at the crash site, but the governments never knew they were there because they were already gone by the time they got there.  
In case you have not picked up on what I am talking about, I am referring to an extraterrestrial life force that exists here on Earth.  It comes to us by way of a vimana that has been discovered in a cave in Afghanistan.  When it was discovered, it obviously caught the attention of world leaders and the pressure was put on America to make something.  Voila, we're in a war.  Supposedly, the discovery of the Vimana was made by a group of soldiers, post-landing in Afghanistan, but I can tell you, with confidence, that this is not the case.  The whole reason for the war and the so-called "recovery" of the vimana is the reason for the war to begin with.  
In case you don't know, a vimana is an ancient flying machine that has been described in Sanskrit, Indian epics.  It is a machine that is strictly not of this world, that has descended "from the stars."  This is likely how they described what we would call a spacecraft or flying saucer.  The Vimana from Afghanistan is supposedly 5,000 years old. It is protected by a stranger energy barrier that is disallowing troops to enter it.  This was until special reinforcements showed up, but by this time, the answers that they were looking for were already gone.  They, of course collected the remainder of the items, which were taken to Area 51 for research.  It was a multinational effort and other countries were promised rewards, but if you think they ever got them, you're off your rocker.  This is not how 'Merica operates. 
The fact of the matter is, without making this story long and drawn out, is that we received these items during an underground exchange.  That's all I can say about it.  The items were made by with instructions that were found in a cryptic book that was clutched in the hands of the single extraterrestrial that was recovered from the vimana in Afghanistan.  Of course, it wasn't known as Afghanistan in those days, but you get the picture.  The book was discovered centuries before America ever realized that there was something there.  It's not certain what this visitor was here to accomplish, but what I can tell you without uncertainty is that the alien that was found belongs to the same genus that has come to Earth on multiple occasion to give the Egyptians the secrets of the pyramids, to visit the Sumerians during their sacrificially rites, to warn the Mayans about the coming of times, and to give the Chaldeans their indoctrinations.  
These two items have been made in accordance to passages in the book that was pried from the deceased extraterrestrials hands.  They are going on two separate listings, because they are two unique items and they don't both do the same things.  The first one is a pin and the second is a ring.  This description is for the pin.  
The pin is decorated with the likenesses of 8 extraterrestrial elders.  Just like we as humans can adhere to sacred geometry, so can the rest of the entities in the universe.  The sacred number of these aliens is 8.  Spiritually, the number 8 is the ultimate goal of the initiate-- in this case the Elders.  They have gone through seven stages of enlightenment and the 8th stage is infinity, immortality, and paradise regained.  This was taught also to the ancient Egyptians and other cultures around the world.  The number 8 is the number of Thoth.  It is the number of perfect intelligence for the Hebrews.  In Hermetic origins, the number 8 is the number of the chief god.  There are seven minor gods, but the 8th chief god is the merging of the minor gods' powers.  This is why there are 8 and why the number 8 is so important.  Each one of the 8 give you completely different power that you can use to become one of their kind.  The powers are listed below.  
A.) The first elder provides an astrological imprint.  This is a power that will imprint the maps of all existence into your mind.  You will no longer be a small part of reality, as you can look into any part of existence simply by reaching into your mind and pulling out whatever part of existence you choose to pull out.  It will be shown to you-- or others-- as a holographic image. 
B.) The second elder gives you providence.  This is a connection to the cosmological force that will guide you in the direction that your destiny is calling you.  You will no longer have to wonder what you should do, as this providence will call out to you and speak to you, telling you the decisions that you should make with your life that is going to make your life successful.  
C.) The third elder gives immortality.  If you want this, it is yours for the taking.  This elder is the master of reversing the aging process, to the point it will totally stand still.  This means that whatever stage of life you are in, you will stop aging and your body will begin to regenerate helping you to feel better, more confident, less aged, healthier, more energetic, etc. 
D.) The fourth elder gives you divine protection.  This may not sound like a huge deal, but I assure you it is!! There are many forces in eistece that would love nothing more than to steal your soul or to drain you of your mortal energy and huck your body away lifeless heap.  Either that that, or they want to feed off of you like a leech.  This elder  will protect you from all things.  It will keep all malicious entities away from you and will create a protective barrier between you and the rest of existence. 
E.)  The Fifth Elder provides Unearthly wealth.  What would an item of the elders be like, without wealth?  This piece gives you an astronomical amount of wealth.  There are no free lunches in life and the same goes for the rest of existence.  If you want something or need something you have to pull you weight.  This piece will cast wealth upon you like no other piece that we have ever had before.  This is because this piece brings wealth by intergalactic standards and I can assure you that these are much higher than any you will find on Earth.  Winner, winner chicken dinner!!  
F.)  The Sixth Elder gives you cosmokinesis.  This seems pretty straight forward and it is.  Cosmokinesis is the ability to read the messages that have been put into things like the stars and the planets, their movements and the way they correspond to one another.  There are many esoteric truths, cosmic powers, and prophecies written into the way the galaxy moves.  It's like its own ticking clock.  
G.)  The Seventh Elder gives you the knowledge of morphokinetics.  This is exactly what is seems like, honestly.  They want to be sure that you know this is not the same things as shape-shifting.  Shape-shifting allows you, usually, to take the form of an animal.  This piece allows you to rearrange the DNA sequence and chemical make-up of your body.  If you want to become an animal, then so be it.  You could also become something like a tree.  Or a  bush, or a vampire, or an Angel or a stapler if you wanted to.  I can't imagine being a stapler would be much fun, though.  However, it would work.  This piece picks up on the molecular makeup of these things around you and allows you to mimic this makeup in order to morph into anything you want to be.  
H.)  The Eighth and final Elder gives you the knowledge of advanced energetic manipulation.  In common words, this means the ability to take the energies that exist around you, wherever you are, and transform these energies into the powers that you want and need.  It sounds simple, but it is very powerful, given the fact that you can manipulate any energy to from any power.  Amazing-- I know.  
We only have one of these items, so if this sounds like something that you'd be interested in, make sure you order-- once it's gone, it's gone.