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There is only one of these left and it is super paranormal powerful! This is a mixing of werewolf,vampire and fairy essence and energy.

I only have one left of these because a few are all that could be made. The fairy is a Queen of Power, the vampire king and the werewolf is leader of his spiritual pack.

Each one holds the power of ALL those that have been around them. They are the towers of power,the conduit that puts out the energy. You will not find another one like this. You only need to wear it for a few days and then place it in your home at a most used location.

A short list includes these abilities and powers.

Mind reading,time stopping,beauty,agelessness, angelic calling ( for the vampire only,long story),hypnotic ability,communication with the dead,sexual lust induced in you and others,teleportation between realms, dream hopping, time travel, and many more!  With this one it is more of a learning experience piece-- the more you use your piece the more you will bond with your entities.  As you bond with your entities, the more power will be released to you! 


The piece can be used as is by keeping in your pocket OR you can put it on a chain.  It's up to you!  As shown in the picture, the casing for these seeds of power is sterling silver.