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The word Akkadian means Cameleon and that is what these creatures are. Not in the sense that they look like Lizards or any type of ground moving creature. They are NOT lizards at all,this is just what they are called because of what they do.

These are creatures that are like Cameleons in the way they change and do things. These become anything you need them to be and you might not even know what they are becoming. The reason for this is because you do not know all the creatures out there.

The Akkadians take on a form and the ability of what best fits your needs. You don't need to say " I need a werewolf or  "I need a vampire" If you need a cinabre or a keres or a vamp or even a djinn you will have it at your disposal.

These work to bring you what you need at the time and you do not even need to call upon it.

You would call the name of your Akkadian and he or she would change fully in all ways including personality and power. When what you need is over or taken care of they go back.

In the regular form they look like Huge butterflies with short to the body wings that glow. They are very cool and friendly to who is their keeper. These require a keeper.

The power is kept in the center of the piece, which we call they eye.  You can see the power radiating from the eye, as the power will radiate to you when you wear this piece.  It can either be used as a pin, or it has a loop in the back through with a chain can be thread.  The choice is yours and it will not affect the power in any way shape or form.  You WILL NOT be disappointed with this piece at all!!