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We no longer have a lot of these. It’s now just one only. I need to clear a few things up on this listing though. First we are away from 7-2 until 7-8 2024. We can’t ship during that time. 

This is sterling silver and a size 9. This can be used by a male or female. If you want to turn into that sexual she-wolf, you go for it. What must be cleared up. You do transform but not into a hairy beast. You have all the energy, power AND A HUGE SEXUAL TALENT!  Put it like this, you go wild and who you are with truly enjoys it AND picks up the same energy do your sexual satisfaction is matched! This is one of a kind! Don’t pass on this one!

This holds with it a werewolf that came from Atlantis, he died there and then was encrypted into flesh in our time. The teachings of his past life have stayed with him and are held within this remarkable piece.

The piece has the capabilities to enhance your spirit with wisdom of the realms. The werewolf in this piece holds the knowledge and power of the elements from both worlds in which he has lived.

This werewolf piece is a phenomenal sex piece -- all the elemental powers were put into this one piece and bring about storms of raging ecstasy! This werewolf's back legs move more rapidly than any human can... you will experience joy beyond your wildest imagination when you are feeling the jackhammer of his intensity within your loins.

Not only will you be able to use this piece to find personal pleasure in the bedroom, but you can utilize the werewolf's powers in everyday life.

With this piece you will not be able to change into a werewolf, but you will be granted the use of all of his powers. Here is a list of some of the powers that you may experience while using this unique piece; the experience will be different for everyone, but here are some of the more common experiences:

You will most likely have augmented senses. When you carry this piece with you, one usually finds that every physical sense is enhanced. The colors are more vivid, the sounds are sharper and clearer, you can detect scents that you normally can't, and you will be able to taste the richness (both good and bad) of all that you eat.

Also while testing we all experienced highly sensitive skin when it was stimulated by another; I believe this was part of the arousal aspect of the sexual desires ~

You will gain increased physical prowess and have increased agility and strength. Not only can you receive powerful orgasms from the spirit of the werewolf, but you will engorge that power of ecstasy and be able to reproduce the amazing skills of the bedroom with your partner.

Most pieces may have one or two elements encompassed, if they are lucky; this piece is filled with every energy of the elements and can bring you feelings that your body has longed for. It is time to take a stand and bring power to your life and help develop your needs of alertness and desire --- until you have experienced the Atlantis Werewolf piece you don't know what it is like to feel a true sensational orgasm!

Let this piece rock your body from head to toe and leave you feeling like a hardcore sex machine that will make you happy whether you are by yourself or feeling the need to bring delight to a "friend."

The intensity the werewolf feels when it transforms is what is brought to your body through intense arousal ---- make sure you don't lose your job by staying home too much using this piece!

I get so excited on the sexual part that I lose myself! This does not just do sexual power but the power of the Atlantis Werehound whose ability is so profound it is hard to comprehend. Many times people that have just looked upon the piece begin to feel a pull towards it. This is what is the calling. This call is to let out the all the power inside of you and to yet harness it.

You also gain the the ability to travel inside of the Grand Pyramid of Antlantis, the one with the crystal capstone.  Herein lie the elders of the Atlantis race.  They are all-knowing and you will be able to visit them with one of these four rings.  You can ask them anything, like the Oracle of Delphi.  They know the answers to anything you desire and can tell you how to obtain it.  Whether you want love, wealth, time travel, astral travel, communication with spirits, angels, demons, witches, whatever-- the elders of the Atlantis race will give you the answer.  They are literal all knowing and encompass all powers. They will not necessarily give you these powers, but you will be able to ask them any question and get an answer, so I guess you can say it's like you get these power through proxy.

These four rings, which are pictured, are the perfect harmony of sex and magic.  You get the werewolf who is going to give you sex and a few other powers.  Then, there's the power of the Elders, which is the real power in the rings.  Not that the sex isn't astounding, but as far as the power is concerned, it's the elders.  no two ways about it.