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I don't want to call this item a piece of Illuminati magic, because it isn't necessarily Illuminati at all.  I'm pretty sure, however, that Illuminati personnel have embraced this magic at one point in time or another because I'm pretty sure that the item that we have once belonged to the ranks of the Illuminati.  I can't guarantee it, but I wouldn't say it if I wasn't over 90% sure and I'm usually not wrong about stuff like this.  The simplest thing to remember when taking on this nature of magic-- or any for that matter-- is that the Illuminati people are pretty much after any type of magic that they can possibly get.  Please believe, they are greedy little bastards.  The reason I say that this piece was probably from an Illuminati is because it comes from NASA and we all know that the Illuminati run the world, contrary to what Beyonce might be trying to teach us.  In fact, it wouldn't surprise me at all if she was part of their circus.  Either way, the point is that this piece was meant to be an undercover piece form NASA.  It has leaked its way into mainstream-- or at least our mainstream-- because of a connection we have within the ranks of NASA officials.  

Psychic ability and what is known as interstellar telepathy is best done during the dark.  The reasoning for this is because in the dark our minds have to adjust.  We are no longer able to see those things that we have become accustom to seeing around us.  Rather, we have to rely on our other senses.   Our other senses overcompensate for the fact that we can no longer see, meaning that when left in the dark we will smell better, hear better, and our sense of touch will become far more meaning full than it has ever been when we were in the light.  This is because when we are exposed to full darkness our minds begin to think that they are cycling down according to the cycles of day, nature, and our own internal biological time clock.  

Once in the dark, our minds become a void that is in full synchronization with the universe and the galactic patterns, cyclic orbits and energetic rebirths that happen all around us-- in the case of the Earth and humans, every 24 and 1/4 hours.  Just like the orbits and cycle of the universe, our brains work in cycles.  That means every 24 hours, we get a form of rebirth.  Sleeping at night gives us the ability to make sure that we are resetting properly.  However, it is right before this reset occurs that we are able to fully embrace what it means to fully enlightened.  Our bodies become engulfed in full sensory overload, which sharpens our perception and allows us to fully embrace the limits of our minds.  

With the day, our mind goes through levels of consciousness that are known as hemispheres.  They correspond to the phases of twilight, which is the beginning of the rebirth of the Earth for the following day.  In ancient Egyptian times, it was believed that during this time the Sun would "die" to make a descent into the Underworld, where it would have to fight its way back to the surface for another day.  In this manner, so our brains make a descent too, from the hubbub of the world around us into a state of relaxation... and there's no arguing the fact that our brains just seem more at ease with the setting of the Sun and the onset of darkness.  The first hemisphere is known as civil twilight, when the the planets and our brain are just on the verge of appearing.  Our psychic activity and sensory perception begins to become restless.  Then, things pass through into nautical twilight, where the stresses of this world are still seen as valid and problematic or in the case of the world, the horizon is still visible and the first constellations can be seen in the sky.  Then comes the astronomical twilight which is when the sky darkens completely, or in the case of our brain cycles when we have left the world behind and we are entering the realm of subconscious thought where were will be able to completely let go, to be able to relinquish the powers that are abounding and waiting to come out.  Finally, there is night.  This is the state of void that I told you about before.  It is the level of consciousness where where you are fully in tune with yourself and you can completely allow your mind to wander, when all statutes of limitations have disappeared and you can use the energy that has been building up all day in a really productive manner.  

The ancient Egyptians were able to know and use this power because they were star watchers even before they had the pyramids given to them.  In fact, using their own powers was the reason they were able to come into contact with the race of ETs that gave the the secrets to sacred geometry and the secrets that proved that the pyramids would eventually become the keys to our own universe.  Before they had pyramids, the Egyptians had star chambers.  These star chambers were underground chambers that would submerge a person into complete darkness with only an occasional light form the stars that are allowed to shine through for energy acquisition purposes.  The complete submergence would put the person in the star chambers into a trance state, which would allow them to push the limit of the brain.  This allowed them to astral travel and recreate the universe in their own minds through the sheer power of sensory perception.  What is actually occurring when people do this is a recreation of the star maps of the universe in an individuals mind, to reflect their true connection to the energy stream of the universe.  While doing this, you will gain a psychic awareness that allows you to communicate with those beings that exist in extra-terrestrial layers of existence and those that don't even exist in our own realm of reality.  This is why I say this piece can kind of be considered Illuminati magic-- because it was through the practice of using these star chambers for days on end that was really the start of the Egyptian mysticism.  After they were allowed the sensory perception that gave them a full recreation of the universe in their mind, they were able to pinpoint exact locations of extraterrestrial life form, whereby they could hold what I call intergalactic telepathy.  That is, by using brainwaves they could communicate with these beings.  It was then that these beings showed up and gave them the pyramids and the Sphinx and all the other secrets and powers that the Egyptians eventually became known for.  

In fact, this practice was so successful that it is still being used today by NASA and this is where our piece comes from-- our connection from NASA.  The modern version of these practices is called project C.A.V.E.S. and is run by NASA in the Sa Grutta Caves in Sardinia and other undisclosed and top-secret locations throughout the world.  The only reason we know about the caves in Sardinia is because it was from this C.A.V.E.S. compound these pieces were acquired.  I'm actually surprised they don't have some type of tracking spell or power incorporated into them, but they don't so you'll be good.  Nobody will show up at your door looking for you.  I promise.  What NASA does is submerge their astronauts into dark conditions, similar to the Egyptian Star Chambers.  They are stuck there for weeks, in what NASA touts as highly sophisticated readiness conditioning for a trip to the International Space Station (ISS).  However, there is definitely more to it than that, as this piece will prove to you.  This is a secret operation that involved constant contact with  highly advanced ET life forms.  It is where our government obtains most of their technological advances and breakthroughs.  It is also how they obtain powers and abilities for their occult ritual magic that sometimes include Black Masses and Orgies.  Either way, the powers, abilities, and technology are gift given to the government through project C.A.V.E.S and those who participate in it.  It is actually a sublet agency of ProjectDARPA, but I don't have time to get into that.  You can research it.   

Either way, here is this piece.  It will allow you to fully embrace all Four of the Mental Hemispheres.  Through this, it will allow you relinquish the hold that your consciousness puts on you.  You will be given full and true awakening that will allow your mind to recreate all of existence in your brain like a network of Star Maps that will allow you to travel to any point of existence that you want.  It will allow you to open up your full inner power of intergalactic telepathy to speak the language of deep space and hold communication with those intelligent races that the government has already encountered and even more.  The possibilities presented with this piece are boundless as the hold no limitation.  It literally gives you the power of all creation at your finger tips, within your pineal glands connection to the network of life, existence and divine providence.