Coven of Ten, pt. 1-- Moll Dyer
Coven of Ten, pt. 1-- Moll Dyer
Coven of Ten, pt. 1-- Moll Dyer

Coven of Ten, pt. 1-- Moll Dyer

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This series of items is a reflection of powers that has been devoted to one of the most feared, yet respected entities in America.  I use the word entities loosely, because in a lot of instances, the people that consider themselves followers of this magic are nothing more than our neighbors, teachers, and other members of our community.  In today's society there is yno taboo that goes along with the craft anymore, and being a "witch" has become something that is perfectly acceptable in society.  I mean, there are good and evil in everything that you come across.  There has to be in order to maintain a proper balance in the world.  For every Yin there is a Yang and for every God you have a Satan.  Good would not be possible without the bad, because with out the bad one could not properly define what good really is.  

We made these items when we were on an investigation in a place that is called the Stonehenge of America.  You've most likely heard of Stonehenge in England.  It's a mysterious collection of rather large megaliths that displays highly energetic properties due to the fact that they are situated along an exact ley line of the Earth.  What most people don't know is that we have our own Stonehenge here in the United States.

Officially, nobody really knows who created the Stonehenge in America.  It has long been speculated that the same ancient druids who are responsible for created the Stonehenge in England are also responsible for the arrangement in American.  As a result of our investigation we can confirm that theory.  They are indeed the same coven of druids that build the American Stonehenge, who brought their forms of powerful magic with them.  With that being said, their arrival predates any other known appearances in American from European countries-- even the Vikings.  

The Stonehenge is located about 40 miles north of Boston in a town called Salem that is located in New Hampshire.  The megaliths stretch out to cover about 30 acres of land, where one can explore rock formations that have been aligned in accordance to astrological movement, the leylines of the Earth, in addition to sacrificial stone tables and other megaliths that serve a variety of purpose.  You don't really have to be there long to fully understand and appreciate the energy that is abuzz in the forests of Salem, NH.  A mere human with no magical or psychic ability at all could pick up on it, so you can only imagine how stoked we were when we finally arrive.  The only way I describe it is it was like being a little kind again and getting what my grandmother always called ants in the pants.  I could hardly sit still with the energy that radiated from the place.   It was clear that although this place seems like a desolate place in the middle of the woods, there as plenty to be discovered.  Maybe there weren't many people there, but the place is a mecca of spiritual activity; and why not New Hampshire, home to some of the most prolific and magically astute Native Americans to have been born on the continent!  I seriously get excited just thinking about it!  

While we were at the American Stonehenge, Deedee, myself, a witch named Elora that we met there, a few other members of our staff were successful in channeling energy that opened up an inter-planar door that exists in one of the shrines of the Stonehenge.  Basically, we pulled the plug on a spiritual drain that allows the dead to re-enter the world of the living.  The magic was very powerful and although there were flashing lights as a result of it.  Nobody really thought anything of it; this is second nature for the locals.  In this small, mystical town there are two ways of dealing with things either accept the fact that there are some unusual things that go on, or you move.  

As a result of opening this portal door, we were able to summon the presence of ten very powerful, immortal witches.  We were able to use their presence to make a duplicate copy of their essence and powers.  The powers in these pieces are very powerful, because the magic comes directly from the root, not magic that has been passed down or handed off.  Surprisingly, they were all very willing to cooperate, but I think that is because at this Stonehenge they just felt in their element.  The power of this place is reinvigorating, especially for immortal souls who no longer maintain a physical vessel.  There are ten parts to this write up, each containing the powers of one of the Coven of Ten that we pulled from the spiritual realms to make these pieces.  Your piece will contain the power to summon ONE of the Coven of Ten.  The title will, obviously, dictate whose power it is that you are getting.  Again there are ten of these pieces, so make sure you visit the website to take a gander at all ten of them, so that way you make sure you getting the powers that you want!  If you want to buy the whole Coven of Ten, that is ALL ten pieces, let me know ASAP and we can work out some type of deal.  If not, then find the one that suits you the most and make it yours.  

The first witch that we were able to summon successfully was Moll Dyer.  Moll lived in the 17th Century Maryland, particularly St Mary's County.  There seems to one of those in every state, no?  Anyway, many things about Moll were shrouded in mystery, but one thing was for certain-- she was definitely a unique type of individual.  She was a well known herbal healer and practitioner of naturistic magic.  When the villagers found out what she was up to, they staged an attack on Moll, eventually burning her out of her hut, after which she fled into the cold winter night, to stay the night in forest hiding from her prosecutors.  She wasn't seen again, until her body was found by a villager, frozen in the forest.  She was frozen to a rock in the kneeling position, with one hand up in a motion that meant to curse the villages.  The villagers scoffed at her frozen form, but soon realized that they had made a mistake.  For years the village was cursed with a series of crude and harsh winters.  Farmers' land ceases to yield any crops and the town was stricken with a wave of poverty.  

This is Molly Dyer, the vengeance witch.  Just like she has sought out and exacted revenge because of the wrongs that were done to her during her life, she will exact revenge on those who have wronged you.  She will also block any future wrong doings by giving you a spiritual shield.  The last thing you get with the Moll Dyer piece is her ability of white light healing.  You use this for physical healing as well as cleansing of the aura to put you in the perfect form to hopefully develop your own form of magic!!