Nephilim's Eden
Nephilim's Eden
Nephilim's Eden

Nephilim's Eden

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I'm going to say a word.  When I am done saying the word, I want you to say the first word or phrase that comes to you mind.  GIANT!!  I can imagine that some of you said Jack and the Bean Stalk, James and the Giant Peach, or probably David and Goliath.  The point I am trying to make is that Giant's-- at one point in time-- roved the face of our Earth.  Maybe they were the leftovers of one of God's past creations.  I'm not entirely sure.  Stories just don't pop up out of nowhere.  I mean, yes there are fictitious stories, but even in some of those there are a little bit of truth.  Besides, the race of Giants that I am about to share with you aren't the typical Giants from stories published by Waldenbooks.  Rather, these giants have a more sinister side, but also an enlightening side. They are originally from our own realm, where they coexisted until it was deemed unnecessary for them to live any longer.   Then they got flooded out.  A very few of them survived.  Some more of them went into hiding in another realm.  This is there story.  

Modern science can prove to be helpful in some instances.  In other instances it is counterproductive and just doesn't make much sense-- like when they found giant stone structures at the bottom of the Sea of Galilee.  They took some vague photographs of the anomaly, gave it a estimated date range of between 3,000 and 6,000 years old, and called it day.  Speculation was the only thing they were ever able to accomplish when it comes to the megalithic structured under the Sea of Galilee.  Well, it's not this, but it could be this, with a possibility of it having these types of attributes.  Oh, wait... it's an ancient fish nursery.  Blah, blah, blah.  I don't think these people would be able to figure out what's going on in the Sea of Galilee if they really wanted to.  That is why I decided to take matters into my own hands. 

One night, I asked Deedee to borrow a time travel piece that she has in her own personal collection.  It was one that we use from time to time when we really need to dig deep into investigations-- like years deep.  I was hoping that this piece would be productive in my efforts to determine what really was at the bottom of the sea.  The true origins of the megalith was really nagging at me; like, I really wanted to know.  Maybe it was destiny for me to be captivated with such wonderment.  Destiny works in weird ways sometimes.   

That night when I took the piece home, I decided that right then and there was the perfect time for me to begin my quest and journey into the depths of time.  I meditated hard-- and I mean hard.  When I began traveling through the realms, at first I didn't know which way to steer myself.  When you get into the astral plains, alot of times confusion can occur-- even with pros such as myself.  I just calmed down and kept my "mind" clear.  I kept envisioning the place I wanted to go in the forefront of my mind.  I had a distinct target in place, and tried my hardest not to swerve from this destination.  

Eventually, I made my entrance into the realm I wanted to be in.  You know, I never really imagined what was going to happen when I arrived where I wanted to arrive.  In fact, I wasn't even sure where I was going to arrive, seeing as though I knew nothing about the monolith except for that it was at the bottom of the sea.  However, when I arrived I was given visions.  I watched as the God send angels called the Watchers to Earth.  They were sent-- this may come as no big surprise-- to watch over the human race.  These angels did little in the way of hiding their presence from the humans.  As they were now on the face of the Earth, they fell into the traps of mortal sin.  They had sex with mortal women and gave birth to an offspring that are referred to as the Nephilim.  These Nephilim grew up to be giant races of individuals.  Although not entirely immortal, once they grew fully their aging process slowed down so much so that it could easily take them hundreds to thousands of years to reach what humans would consider middle aged.  The Nephilim were a half mortal half angel breed.  They were given the knowledge of the Angels, who were given the knowledge of God.  Thus, the Nephilim who were half human, knew and practiced the powers of the angels and God.  In fact, they became too powerful and knowledgeable to the point where God decided he was going to flood the Earth as a means of killing them.  

You all know the story.  God commissioned Noah to build an Ark.  Noah built the Ark.  In went the animals two by two.  It rained for 40 days and 40 nights.  It stopped raining.  Bam!  Noah and his sons-- with the help of some divine super sperm, repopulated the Earth.  The Watchers were called back to Heaven, where they were allowed to stay, but had to remain in punishment.  Who knows what that could've been or could still be.  I'm not here to offer anything about the Watchers.  That's for another time.  Furthermore, it was the end of the big, bad nephilim reign on Earth.  Well, not exactly.  I'm not sure how it happened but a few of those suckers managed to get through.  They now exist in secret, hiding for fear of extermination.  Yet, others slipped through a portal that they created using the divine knowledge that they received as part of their lineage of angels and divine knowledge of God.  

I was able to slip through that same portal, where I found the Nephilim's Eden.  Using the divine knowledge that they were given because they are the descendants of Angels, they were able to reconstruct and build an entire realm that mimics the Garden of Eden.  The entrance to this realm was originally-- you guessed it-- in the structure at the bottom of the Sea of Galilee. They fervently worked as Noah was working on his Ark.  Just before the rains came a group of Nephilim giants slipped through the portal into a new realm that was dark and void-- like the Earth was when God began creating.  In the same manner that God had created Earth, so the Nephilim created their very own realm from the bottom up.  Their white light powers associated with their lineage has kept their realm alive.  It is a realm that is comparable to that of the ancient Race of Atlantis.  It thrives solely on the consumption of white light magic, so the more magic you create and use, the brighter and more exorbitant the realm becomes.  It works in the cycle that the Nephilim give off their magic and the realm soaks it up and then gives it back to them.  Then it repeats himself.  The realm has been developing and growing in power since the built it in the biblical times of Noah.  

Before I left the realm, I obtained a rock from one of the walls in the Garden.  When I returned to our realm of Earth I used the stone to create this piece.  Believe me, I was almost tempted to stay in the Nephilim's Eden but then I figured I might miss my family and friends.  Then, I was tempted to keep this piece so that way I could travel back to the Nephilim's Eden anytime I wanted to.  Then, I though to myself, I can't be greedy like that.  This is why the piece is going up for sale.  It is a truly incredible piece that will allow you to transverse across the plains of existence to a place that was literally built upon white light magic like a house is build upon a foundation.  The beings there are highly spiritual as they have evolved from mere giants to beings that are more like angels.  I mean, it is part of their lineage.

While in this realm there is nothing that you can't do.  You will gain the full white light power of theNephilim's Eden.  I mean, I could start listing things that you can do with this power, but it would be completely redundant, because there is nothing that can't do with it.  I mean, you can literally use it to create any power or being, transform yourself, give yourself visions, travel to other angelic realms, enlighten yourself in spiritism, build your own white light sorcery.  The only thing that you CANNOT-- and I repeat CANNOT-- do in this realm is any sort of dark magic.  Nothing with even a hint or overtone of darkness or negativity will be tolerate, because it will compromise their realm and the power upon which it is based.  But, other than that there are no limits.  Safe travels, and happy creating!