Djinn of Erebus
Djinn of Erebus

Djinn of Erebus

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This piece was sent to me just a few weeks ago from a connection that I have that is currently stationed in Anarctica.  I know you are probably thinking to yourself, "Who the hell wants to go to Anarctica?"  Well, she's just that kind of gal.  She's always been a little bit cooky and she enjoys nature.  However, Anaractica's not really on the top ten list of places I would like to go before I die.  I mean, I thought it was cold this past winter at 20 below freezing.  I don't begin to understand how I would survive in a place that gets five times coler than that even.  They even have these little orange suits that they have to put on because it's so cold there that even just contact with the air can give you frostbit.  Doesn't exactly sound like the type of place that I would enjoy spending my summer vacation.  However, like I said, I do have a friend that went there for whatever reason.  I think she is, by trade, a marine biologist.  In fact, there are life forms on Anarctica that people don't know about.  I'm not just talking about penguins that migrate there because they love the snow.  I'm talking about other things like fish and birds and wild sea creatures that can also walk on land.  There is also an occassional polar bear that has somehow found it to the place on Earth.  This is what she went to study.  

As scientifical built as my friend may appear to be, she is also into magic and the occult and all the spooky, creepy, and mystical stuff that we sell on the website.  This is why we are friends actually.  We met a convention where people were selling whacky, cheap crap until she came across our stand that manned by one of our employees.  She wanted to know where we had got all of our stuff, so I gave her a call and invited her to join us on one of our investigations.  This isn't where the magic in this piece comes from, I'm just letting you all the backgroud story of how I came to meet her and why she sent me the items she did.  She appreciates what we do here at HC, because most of our stuff goes against the grain.  We do things our way, we don't just beleive things because people and scientists say we have to.  Nonetheless, she still studies animals.  It's her passion.  

THe most recent piece that she sent to me came from an eruption in Anarctica.  It wasn't a huge eruption, but it was one to be taken lightly either.  Anarctica sits right along a fault line, similar to California.  They are always having eruptions there, but it never seems all to detrimental.  In fact, this past time that the volcano, named Erebus, erupted, my friend was able to go out and acutally witness the eruption, from a safe distance.   Of course, you always want to take precautions, but my friend told me she couldn't help herself.  She inched closer and closer to the volcano, even though she knew she had passed what would have been considered the safety zone.  When she wrote to me, she said that she understood the perils of being so close, as little of an active eruption this may have seemed like, but there was something that kept on pulling her closer.  There was a feeling of enchantment in the air, that she couldn't really describe to me in words, but it felt like it was pulling her closer to the volcano.  It was then that the ground began to shake and she broke her concentration and she realize she needed to get back to the base.  Before she managed to turn around and make her exit, however, the ground shook violently again.  Smoke began to rise from the volcano and ash spewed into the air.  She said that as she was watching she saw something fall into the snow and ice.  It melted a small crater into the surface of the Earth, but since it mixed with the ice it was cool enough for her to touch.  This relic was what fell from the sky.  The volcano proceeded to spew two more relics into the snow, all of which my friend was able to gather and bring back the base.  

She kept one of the relics for herself, as a memento.  She sent the other two to us.  We did our own investigation on them.  We kept one of the items for ourseleves, simply due to the fact that Deedee was enamored with the powers that was in the piece.  I mean, it is a rare power that has come from the center of the Earth.  How it traveled the whole way to Anarctica, when it originated in the Middle East is far and beyond me.  Either way, if must have been the lava flow beneath the face plates of the Earth. I don't really know.  What we do know is that they resurfaced in Anartica from the mouth of a volcano.

Just as these pieces were born of the fire, the creatures that they bring forth have also been born of the fire.  This is why I say they originated in the Middle East.  I'm talking about djiin.  Djinn are a race of fire spirits that are born of fire and given life through the breath of the divine.  The relics that were collected are the breath of the divine and the energy that is in these pieces comes from the fire and molten lava.  These pieces were origianlly made by a metaphysical socerer in Iran who somehow lost them in the core of the Earth.  Maybe he was traveling to the center of the Earth to the realms that exist there.  Again, I'm not really sure how he got the there.  The only thing that I know for certain about these pieces is that they are extremely powerful and they birth djiin.  

I'm not talking about one or two djinn either.  There is enough power chocked up in just one of these three pieces to be able to have the ability to birth as many djiin as you want and need to build.  You can use this piece to birth your own djiin and make them do whatever it is you want them to do.  You can create wealth djinn.  You can create psychic djinn.  You can create interdimentional travel djinn.  Whatever type of djinn you want to birth is what type of djiin you will birth!  You can use this piece to birth djinn to be your guardian spirits or you can use them to invoke powers and abilities.  The choice is really up to you.  This is an all-in-one djinni birthing piece with no restrictions on the way it can be used.